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Spiritual Music

  • aladdin-sane

    Under Pressure

    What's this song about? Any student of the Lightning Path will know instantly that this song represents the intense emotional, psychological, and physical pressure and disjuncture caused by this planet's Regime of Accumulation, coupled with the intense pain and existential anguish of Disconnection. This all leads, as expanding levels of violence and despair attest, to increasingly dramatic psychological "explosions" as people increasingly collapse under the weight of a System gone totally out of control. If we don't do something quickly the outcome, as explained in The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order, and as intimated by Queen and Bowie, is global catastrophe. It's time to wake up.

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  • Beatles Awakening

    My Guitar Gently Weeps

  • bob-marley

    Bob Marley – Exodus

  • WhiteHouseSouthFacade

    Babylon System

  • mraz

    Jason Mraz – Live high

  • 2009-08-06-about_header

    Let the Sunshine In




I AM/WE ARE your higher self, And you welcome me this day, How you missed me, did you pray, While you battled night and day, And you claimed a sacred night Would keep all of you in plight, Never recognize I AM And that WE ARE hand in ...

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Shambhala Warriors

Long ago and far away, A prophesy told of a day When no more death on Earth we’d see And balanced true to nature be. And children laugh and dance, and swing, As joyous would all people sing, A new day dawn, a glorious spring, And no more ...

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Snake Oil

Hey you, sitting in that chair. Did you know, so and so has a new thing for you. It’s the latest and greatest and it’s going to liberate you from fear and anger and depression and sadness and everything.

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The Prayer

The Prayer is excerpted from The Book of Light Volume One (BOLVI). It is a pure and fundamental statement of our individual/collective divinity. You will understand the full meaning of The Prayer only after you have read volume one of The Book of Light.

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Witches’ Brew

In the dark hallways of our schools, At the black board, and now the white, In the corridors of wealth and power, In the bloody room of Love’s de-light. In the basements and the alleys, In the board rooms high and low. While the adagio pain of dying, ...

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The Birth of Christ

Now, I don’t know about you now, but I’m feeling like I could burst, yup, I’m feeling I could burst, Ya I’m just about to burst. Ya I don’t know about you know, but I’m feeling I could burst As the pressure… And the power… Rises up. And ...

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Wake Up

Dear One stop. Did you feel that deep inside? Way down there, Where it’s easy to hide. That foul dark, Covering something inside core. Depth of mind, This is no time for pride. Listen now. Please see through to the real rhyme. It is God, That you’ve covered ...

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Unification Day

Are you looking for a grand unified theory? Something that explains all of time and of space? Well you’ve come to the right dot location. You’re now in the right temporal space. It has everything to do with what’s inside. So please pause now and bridge great divide. ...

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