2012 and the Great Cosmic Smackdown. God’s coming and he’s gonna gonna get ya!

So here’s a good example of the kind of nonsense that surrounds this whole 2012 debacle. Just a couple of weeks ago some guy, a “big name” in the field of 2012 doomsday criers, sent me an email. Seems he didn’t like it that I was telling people that the Mayans didn’t say anything at all about 2012. In an email to me he said, and I quote:

“…you point out that the ancient Mayans didn’t say a single prophetic word about 2012 as a cosmic end date?” Only a little thing about the 9 gods descending, whatever that means… But they do say that they last 4 times this calendar ended, mankind was wiped out, and the gods created a new improved version. A wise person would accept that this infers that they predict the same for 2012. Nice poem though!

Now there’s a lot of manipulative crap going on in this email. This guy is not writing to be friends, he’s writing to control my perceptions and opinions, and that is quite clear. Only a few sentences into his introduction he sets up a thinly disguised criticism of my position by suggesting that a “wise” person (i.e. not me) would infer, based on some things he just told me, that the Mayans predicted bad things for 2012.

Wow. This guy doesn’t even know me and already he’s implying I am a fool AND offering a solution to my foolishness. I can be wise if I just accept without question and agree with him!

Now I imagine that a lot of the times this works. After all, he’s dealing with a population whose self esteem has been hammered by The System and are therefore desperate for anything that they can attach to that proves they are worthy. But it doesn’t work on me. I mean, not only is this a bizarre definition of wisdom (i.e. a “wise” person doesn’t question, a wise person just accepts), but it is very clearly a transparent attempt at psychological manipulation. I’ll be one of the “cool” ones if I go along with him.

Ya right.

Not giving this guy even an inch I immediately fire a polite email back with some questions about why he thought “the gods” were going to smack down humankind and create a “better” version in 2012, when the Mayan calendar rolled over. First of all I asked about the  “nine god’s descending.” That’s a very suggestive comment isn’t it, especially in the context of his comments about a cosmic smack down coming. Are we to infer then that the “nine” are coming to wipe out the unworthy? So I ask him, where does he get this idea and he says, and I quote:

“Here’s the only mention (we have found) of what the Mayans thought would happen in 2012:

He then proceeds to quote the following:

“The Thirteenth ‘Bak’tun” will be finished

(on) Four Ajaw, the Third of Uniiw (K’ank’in).
? will occur.
(It will be) the descent(??) of the Nine Support? God(s) to the ?.”

When I saw what he was referring to I admit,  I laughed out loud, but I controlled myself and emailed back saying  “This is almost meaningless,” I said, “…absolutely intelligible in fact.”

and he says:

“Correct, almost worthless that text, but indeed the Mayans did think something was to happen in 2012…”

OK so mid game recap. He says the Mayans are coming to smack us down, he drops a quote about the nine gods which he then has to admit is meaningless and irrelevant, but nevertheless he fires on. Something’ is going on, he says, just  “read the Popul Vuh because it says that the world has ended four times before.”

So I do. I go read the Popul Vuh but I only find only one instance of the “world ending,” and unlike his original assertion that there is some commentary about the calendar ending, there isn’t. Nor is there any mention of 2012 anywhere in the Popul Vuh at all!

I corner him on that and he says oh, well,”it’s all inference that 2012 = cataclysm.”

“What?” I think to myself, groaning and scratching my head.

Yes he says, confirming for me my growing suspicion that this guy has gone out to lunch..

“There’s absolutely no statement in any of the Mayan texts at all directly linking 2012 to some kind of cataclysm….”,

“Really,” I exclaim to myself with a mix of horror and amazement.

Ya,  he says, “...Not because the Mayans didn’t say such, but because the Spanish burnt thousands of their books, with only 4 surviving.

Oh I see, wondering how far down the rabbit hole this guy is going to go. The Mayans’ DID say something  about 2012, but the Spanish burnt their books, and so now we don’t know what they said about 2012.

Well that explains everything!

We’d know what the Mayans had said if the darn Spanish hadn’t burnt their books. I have to admit I’m experiencing a bit of disbelief at this point. I’m thinking about the prophets conferences and all those people jumping on the 2012 bandwagon and wondering WTF is everybody thinking?

I look again at what he has written, drop a few of the filler words that he uses to separate the basic causal statement, and sure enough he is saying…

“There’s absolutely no statement in any of the Mayan texts at all directly linking 2012 to some kind of cataclysm …. because the Spanish burnt … their books.”

So, I ask the obvious question “so you’re assuming that had the Spanish not burned the books, we would have found the Mayan’s saying the world was over in a couple.”

To which he responds, and I quote:

“I’ve got no idea what the books would have said, just that there’d be more info.”


“Keep in mind, I’m never saying a cataclysm is coming,”


Only that one might,”


“And it would be prudent to prepare for the worst.”

Oh, I say, now I see what’s going on here!!! Did I tell you, dear reader, that this guy is writing a book on how to survive 2012? And he’s not giving it away! He’s charging good money for it.  Of course, nobody is going to buy his book if they think nothing is going to happen in 2012 so… I guess his apparently nonsensical position makes sense…at least from his financial perspective.

Now here’s the cincher. After going through his references and pinning him to the wall, forcing him to admit that the evidence for the connections between the Mayans and 2012 is absolutely non-existence, he finally admits that the Mayans didn’t say anything important about 2012!

“I fully expect the 2012 date did not originate with the Mayans and that whatever they say is not so important.”

Now if you aren’t on the floor in total disbelief at this point, read the above quote again. What the guy has finally said, after trying to shove the Mayans down my throat as evidence that something is going to happen in 2012, is that Mayans didn’t say anything, but somebody did and that’s important.

Of course, at this point the conversation is over. Past this point there is no arguing with him.  I mean, how the heck are you going to argue with his last statement. Ya, no doubt some people think 2012 is important, but that doesn’t mean they are right about it. People thought y2k was important but even countries who didn’t do any prep. at all didn’t collapse into end-times Armageddon. I imagine people sold a lot of books on the Y2K bug, but in the end it all amounted to nothing more that marketing hype.

Anyway, at this point I’m wondering about his initial introduction where he tells me  “A wise person would accept that this infers that they predict the same for 2012.” How wise can it be, I wonder, to accept that the Mayan’s predicted something bad in 2012 when he himself admits that they didn’t say anything about 2012. I mean, on a balance scale with wise on one side and total fool on the other, it’s not the wise person that stops questioning, draws unfounded inferences, and misconstrues evidence.

Anyway, it was a useful conversation. One of his last comments illustrates what this guy is thinking and where he is coming from. He says,and I quote, “All that matters is that someone, at some time, made that date the end for a reason.

Oh really, I think to myself. Well I wonder who that someone is, and I wonder what the reason was, but I don’t have to wonder very long because he said it right in the beginning, someone is coming to smack us all down and create a new version because we haven’t lived up to expectations.

We’ve been bad little god toys….

you point out that the ancient Mayans didn’t say a single prophetic word about 2012 as a cosmic end date?” Only a little thing about the 9 gods descending, whatever that means… But they do say that they last 4 times this calendar ended, mankind was wiped out, and the gods created a new improved version. A wise person would accept that this infers that they predict the same for 2012. Nice poem though!

… and now we’re going to be punished, in 2012, just two days before our children open their presents for Christmas!

Now if this is striking you as a little schoolboyish then good because that is exactly what it is. What this fellow is presenting is a classic old world theology as understood at the level of the school child. There’s a god (or gods) and that god (or gods) is running some kind of test which you better pass, or else. He’s quite explicit about it and while this guy’s perspective doesn’t surprise (billions of people have been indoctrinated into this sort “god’s going to punish if you don’t do what you’re told” kind of thinking), the presence of this in the Mayan literature does. When I read the Mayan literature I was very surprised to find talk of Gods punishing humanity, smashing them in the face and flattening their noses (the origin of Monkey’s according to the Popul Vuh), just because they didn’t worship the God’s. The surprise didn’t last long though. If my understanding is correct, the Popul Vuh was written after the Spanish conquest. Given how religious the conquering Spaniards were, and how violently they carried out their goals of colonization and theft, it is doubtful whether the Mayan system of belief could have survived uncorrupted. So the question for me is, is the Popul Vuh really just the Mayan version of Catholic indoctrination into old world ideology? It’s a fair I think especially since all this talk of cosmic smack downs and punishment and judgment and new and better versions sounds awfully familiar to my own Catholic born ears.

So what to make of all this?

Well if anything it goes to the core goal of old world belief systems. After listening to this guy try to shove fear (the god’s are coming to) and violence (to smack you down) down my throat, the core is obvious (and obviously rotten). Old world belief systems bread fear and violence. They justify violence by their overt support of violent and abusive Godlings (well if its good enough for the Gods, it’s good enough for the PTB), and they breed the type of fear that the abusive father figure breeds in his children when he screams and yells and hits the children when they do what they are told to do.


Now that doesn’t sound very enlightened or God like does it? In fact, it sounds immature and childish and that, my friends, is what is at the core of the whole 2012 debacle, childish, foot stomping, beat up those that are weaker than you, bully like, immaturity!

So what does all this mean for 2012?

Well personally I wouldn’t expect any “cosmic” events in 2012. There is going to be no alien or divine smackdown I can tell you that. God, consciousness, The Fabric, even alien nations not programmed in the horrid muck and mire of this planet are totally against that kind of thing. These sort of childish threats are a human PTB thing. It was veiled humans raised in old world systems of thinking think. We may, however, see the hand of the powerful rulers of the world in 2012. With people working overtime to create the expectation that something dramatic is going to happen in 2012, and with the PTB working overtime to create conditions for nuclear war in Iran, or North Korea, we may definitely see some kind of smackdown. The PTB know there is an awakening going on and they don’t like the fact that people are starting to understand the real truth and so they may do what they’ve done in the past and engage in a global smack down, global war of something equally cruel and viscious. I hope not. I hope we all wake up before then and put a stop to this, but that’s going to take some effort, and it’s going to take some will, and the prophets and pundits who speak so forcefully about 2012 even when it is clear they don’t know shit are going to have to learn to shut up and quit misleading people.

And where do you go from here?

Well I suppose my recommendation is that you take notes. Every time somebody comes flying by with prophecies of 2012, take their name down and REMEMBER IT and then, when 2012 comes around and nothing cosmic happens, and these people try and tell you they knew all along, hold them accountable. That’s the only way to stop them. If we don’t learn to challenge these individuals and hold them accountable they’ll just latch themselves onto something else and do the same thing all over again, and we really don’t want that. Personally I want my children to grow up in a world where I don’t have to worry that somebody without morals, ethics, or values is going to try and manipulate them into thinking and doing things that they shouldn’t be thinking or doing. But that’s just me. We can stand by and wait patiently for these people to wake up, while allowing them to continue to spread (intentionally or not) their lies and disinformation, or we can challenge them, hold them accountable, and intend a stop to it.  Personally I’m thinking about my children and the type world I want them to grow up in

I am Michael Sharp

Welcome home!

Copyright 2014 Michael Sharp
All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “2012 and the Great Cosmic Smackdown. God’s coming and he’s gonna gonna get ya!

  1. A comment from MrMobious, an LPer posting on our site forums.

    The only thing that sells better than sex is fear. 2012 is simply New Coke. Updated packaging for the same old product. New and improved fear mongering. Repetition and hypnosis. A sleeping pill. On and on I could go.

    I went outside to shoot some hoops today and I heard two middle school age girls telling their father that the world is going to end in 2012 cause of the mayan calendar. No joke. Today.

    There is a always a new generation that needs to be kept asleep and controlled if the system is to be successful. Movies like 2012 do that in the most efficient vehicle that is Entertainment.

    The brilliance about the System is the word of mouth component. Anyone who runs a successful business knows the power of word of mouth advertising. Not to mention the very essence, prime directive, of any system of ideas is to validate it’s own existence.

    Additionally this may be a cultural phenomenon. As most in the west have such obtuse, paranoid, and ignorant views of death, we simply avoid the topic. Our latent fear of death will constantly manifest in end of times scenarios. I don’t care if you die from old age, comet or asteroid, accident, plane crash, or badger attack, the end result is the same. Worm food. This is a very important thing to come to terms with. The mechanism of the end of your physical unit doesn’t change the outcome. I say again, Worm Food.

    There is only one type of fear is most (Kubrick and the Shining are exempt) horror movies. The fear of Death. Think about that for a moment. What is the end result of any slasher film or chain saw massacre? Death. What is each character running from? Not Jason, or Freddie, or a giant asteroid, but their own Fear of Death. Fear of Mortality is the mono-thematic theme of 99% of horror films.

    LP knowledge sets death as a moment where the non physical monadic consciousness leaves the physical unit by choice or not. No end, only reorganization and collection.

    Think of the Mayan Calendar as a horror movie monster. If you fear death the monster has power over you. If you have accepted the morality potential of your physical until and really integrated what it means to be an aspect of your immortal spirit, the monster will disappear and have no power over you.


  2. Wow. That is one great piece of critical thinking, Michael! Great job! I deal with such people daily on Twitter, and I rarely handle it as well as you did here. Thanks for the lesson! :o)

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