Michael Sharp

Lightning Strike

One screen to rule them

One screen to rule them, one screen to find them, one screen to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. In the land of Mordor where the shadow lies.

Daily Idea

Real spiritual teachers, authentic teachers, put the authority in your hands by bringing you back to the divinity that is inside you

from The Rocket Scientists' Guide to Discernment by Michael Sharp



Parable of the Blindfold

Why does the world appear to be so bat-f$%&* crazy? It’s because we are all walking around with a blindfold on. Because we are blindfolded, we can’t see who we are or where we are going. We’ve been bumping into each other for thousands of years and we are frustrated, tired, and angry. Instead of bumping each other around, take the blindfold off.

Parable of the Room

Why are you feeling so anxious? Why are some people starting to go crazy? Why is somebody like Trump ascending? The shift is underway! Some people embrace it, some people can’t handle it, and some will do anything they can to prevent it.