Lightning Strike


All mimsy were the borogroves

These days all I seem to do is look at the world and get frustrated. Back at the birth of the WWW there was such promise and potential. Open source software, free news and analysis, free utilities. It was the birth of a new world. And then Google came along, they started to lock down the Internet, and everything stayed the same. Now look what's happening! We're descending into chaos.

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For those

At some point you just got to say, enough is Enough is ENOUGH!

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End times

I apologize for this, one of my more negative and frustrated moments. It is hard to look around and see people choosing the comfort of their own delusions over the passionate joys of Truth. It is hard to think that billions of innocents are hurt daily as a result. If this shakes even one person awake, then what else can I say?

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Heart Clock

Read this with a little tick-tock in your flow. And while you're at it, check out the E.T.A. (estimated time of arrival). Do you got your things in order? Or are you ready to go?

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