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Click for info on the Dove LogoMy name is Michael Sharp and I’m your guide back to full and empowered connection to what you might call Allah, God, Consciousness, Krishna, or even just “creation,” but what I simply call The Fabric of Consciousness.  My intent, plan, and purpose in this life is simple. Heal and emancipate the human mind so that Allah/God/Consciousness/Krishna/Creation can flow down and seat in the vessel.

Now, you might call this process being “born again,” achieving “enlightenment,” having a pure conscious event, having a peak experience, experiencing transcendence, being “saved,” or whatever. Whatever you call it, be it rebirth, enlightenment, or salvation, it all means exactly the same thing which is simply reconnection with The Fabric.of Consciousness.  To be more specific, my intent, plan, and purpose is to help (regardless of gender, ethnicity, social class, or any other anything  else) anybody who chooses reconnect with the powerful conscious within — no compromise, and no strings attached.

At this point in your awakening, that might not sound like much to you. Heck, if your an atheist It might sound like nothing at all, but that’s (no offense intended) just your ignorance. Anybody who knows Allah, anybody who has ever connected with God, anybody who has embraced (however briefly) full Consciousness, anybody who has ever touched the vast depth and breadth of Creation, and anybody who sits at the throne of Lord Vishnu will know, reconnection with The Fabric is an Earth shattering, apocalypse initiating, old world ending, deal.

It really is.

From Buddha to Mohammed, Eckart to Christ, anybody who has ever connected with The Fabric of Consciousness has said exactly the same thing. It is powerful. It is glorious. It is wondrous. It is amazing. It is your birthright. It is you! And if you’re interesting in experiencing  that, if you are interested in salvation/enlightenment/re-birth, if you want to make a connection to The Fabric of Consciousness, I’m here to help you do it.  I’ll tell you right now though, if you want to make that reconnection, you’ve got work to do. You can’t just worship in a Church, rub down a singing bowl, pray to Jesus, sit on a crystal, visualize prosperity, and expect God to flower from your soul. There’s more to it than that, at least for us humans. Our physical body is damaged, and we have to heal it. Our powerful mind has been destroyed, and we have to repair it. We are filled with lie and misconception, and we have to clear that. And that’s only the first step. Once you have healed, repaired, and cleared, then you have to awaken, activate, and ascend. I’m not going to lie to you, it is hard work, and it will take some time. But don’t worry. Despite the apocalypse now unfolding before our eyes, and despite faithless or greedy protestation to the contrary, Armageddon’s denouement is predetermined. Still, that doesn’t mean you can just stand around and wait. Even the most conservative scientists will now agree, war is a brewing, disease is spreading, the rain is falling, and time is running out. If you, if we, if the right, if the left, if the high, and if the low do not wake up soon, what’s left is going to be no fun at all.


I am Michael Sharp.

Welcome home.

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First Step – The Nature of Spirituality

To get started, first you learn about the nature of spirituality and spiritual practice. To learn about the nature of spirituality and spiritual practice, have a read through the articles below. They provide you with the rock bottom basics about the nature of spirituality and enlightenment. Alternatively, you can access the full course content (in text and audio format) by taking the free Lightning Path course LP 100 – Introduction to Spirituality.

Second Step – All about the LP

Third Step – The LP Core


Just Want to Browse?

If you aren’t interested in a systematic approach to spiritual awakening, acctivation, and ascension, or you just want to browse around and do some reading, feel free. Below are links to parables, poems, and articles available for free on this site. Also don’t forget to check out the book pages. I’ve written books on everything from basic spirituality to advanced cosmology and theology. Some of the books are available for free, and others are priced with access in mind.

The Parables

Whenever I have something really, really, really important to say, I write a parable. So far I’ve written four with one The Parable of the Canvas waiting in draft form.

Recent Poems

Whenever I have something important to say, I write a poem. Here are my four most recent, but you can view all by clicking this link

Recent Posts

Musings on the trajectory of the old world, and the emergence of the divine world order.

Survive to Thrive

I am featured in a documentary on nonviolence and the transformation of consciousness.

“Survive to Thrive” Docu-feature trailer from Kiko Ellsworth – Actor/Prod/Dir on Vimeo.

Getting Serious

The Lightning Path

We like to think that we understand this planet. It is a planet of evolution, or a planet of “lessons.” It is a planet where we incarnate for a short life time and then are gone, or a planet that we come to to prove our worth, and maybe pay our karmic debt. It is a planet of weal and woe, of pain and suffering, where God or Evolution grinds The Wheel of life and puts us to the “test.” You are a “soul in training”, or a “fool in school”. As such, the best thing that you can do is work hard, learn your lessons, and follow the rules. If you prove yourself worthy than maybe you’ll be granted a higher birth, passage through the pearly gates, a tidbit of a higher truth, or some dollars to make your time more comfortable here. The key here is to be a good little boy or girl, get yourself on the “nice list”, and get the reward you got coming to you.

Unfortunately, however, none of the above is true. This planet is not a planet of lessons, or of karma, or even of evolution. We are not “souls in training” or “fools in school”. The truth is, we’ve been lied to. The truth is we are much, more more than we have been led to believe. The truth is, over the next twenty years or so, we are going to become that which we truly are. But it is not going to happen automatically, and it not going to happen without some effort. The truth is we’ve been hurt and damaged by our time on this violent planet. The truth is our minds are full of crap and gunk. Getting serious means putting aside naive materialism and admitting that there’s “something more” to this Earth than meets the materialist eye. Getting serious means making an effort to learn the high truths of creation. Getting serious means fixing the vessel and preparing it for the descent of consciousness.

Reconnect with Consciousness

The Lightning PathWhen you are ready to get serious I have, for you, the Lightning Path. The Lightning Path is my “school” of spirituality. It is a place where you can study the high truths of consciousness and creation while still living your daily lives. The Lightning Path is organized into levels of study, from Core through Intermediate to Advanced. Each level of study presents the information you need to make consistent and persistent forward progress. You can read what students have to say about the program or find out for yourself what it is all about by reading the Introduction to the Lightning Path Booklet. Download to your computer, tablet, or phone by clicking the following link.

Introduction to the Lightning Path Book

Awaken Activate Ascend

Get started by purchasing the Core level study package or, if you want to proceed in a more formal manner, subscribe as an LP student to get study guides, exams, and community access. Visit the Lightning Path homepage for more information.

Staying Connected

These are various ways to stay connected. The RSS link updates you on posts here (http://www.michaelsharp.org/ and at the Lightning Path site (http://www.thelightningpath.com). The Email and twitter links do the same thing, except the email sends sends your updates to the email box, and the twitter feed sends it to your twitter account. The Youtube link gives you updates when new videos are posted and the twitter feed tweets new posts and resources.

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