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Can you see it yet?

Click for info on the Dove LogoCan you see it in the exponentially accelerating advances of science and technology?

Can you see it in the expanding love and compassion?

Can you see it in the growing awareness of the pain and the suffering?

Can you see it in the over-boiling cauldron of violence and hatred?

Can you see it in the growing awareness of truth?

Can you see it, yet?

Something is up!

The shift is now underway.

And, word to the wise, not even the very powerful are immune from this wash.

So, when you are ready to face the truth…

When you are ready to see reality…

When you are ready to embrace the light.


It’s been a long time coming, but its finally here.

The Parables

  • Parable of the Blindfold - A parable about illusions, delusions, and the Maya of the 3D world. Puts some much needed perspective of the offerings of the gurus, priests, and prophets of this world.
  • Parable of the Room - This is a shift story. A story of hope, but a cautionary tale. This is about the rising of pressure of spirit, and the emergence of consciousness, as the "new earth" finally, an inevitably, emerges....
  • Parable of the Ships - It might not look like it at this point, but the decrepit ship of the old world is sinking beneath the water for good. Not to worry though. Bridges have been built and help is at hand. All you have...
  • Parable of the Garden - A story about genesis, creation, and divine purpose. Sure to put a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

Spirituality 101

  • What is enlightenment? - What is enlightenment? The answer to the question is easy, but you'd never get that from the contortions that we, as a species, have gone through. Ten thousand years of inquiry, the brightest philosophical minds, and tons of fancy technology, but no generally acceptable answer seems anywhere in sight? Are we, as a species, doomed to spiritual confusion or can we finally settle on an answer, and a path, that we can all agree to. Only time will decide.
  • The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth - Spiritual awakening and empowerment isn't a wishy washy sort of process, especially when it comes to the truth of things. You can't sit on a fence, pretend, or fantasize a life that doesn't exist. Waking up means first facing the truth of things (no matter how difficult, and no matter how glorious) and then fixing what needs to be fixed, and transforming what needs to be transformed. It doesn't all have to be done at one but the first step is mostly certainly seeing the truth.
  • Lubricating the gears of enlightenment - Spiritual awakening and empowerment does come with its challenges and to meet those challenges you need (among other things, see The Great Awakening) discipline, intestinal fortitude, and boundaries. This podcast explores the basic foundations. For more in depth study see the LP Core level of study.

For the rest of the lessons, listed but not linked here, visit this link.

Recent Poems

  • In the desert - I wrote this after reading a New York times article on what's happened to the Burning Man festival in recent years. I read
  • Stupidity defines the fall - This poem is not exactly a shining beam of light, it is more like a warning and a threat. You can keep up "business as usual" if you like, but if you...
  • It ain't going to be like the sixties - I grew up in the seventies, so I missed the sixties, but I'm painfully aware of what happened to the explosive revolutionary potential. Despite the...
  • All mimsy were the borogroves - These days all I seem to do is look at the world and get frustrated. Back at the birth of the WWW there was such promise and potential. Open source...
  • Reed - I think this is my favorite poem of the bunch. So subtle, so understated, but so potent and empowering. Of course, that just MHO so take it or leave...
  • I'm not here... - So many things to say, so little time to say it. I guess in the end you either wake up, or you don't. No sense crying over spilled milk in the end.

Survive to Thrive

I am featured in a documentary on nonviolence and the transformation of consciousness.

“Survive to Thrive” Docu-feature trailer from Kiko Ellsworth – Actor/Prod/Dir on Vimeo.

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Recent Dialogues

    Getting Serious

    The Lightning Path

    We like to think that we understand this planet. It is a planet of evolution, or a planet of “lessons.” It is a planet where we incarnate for a short life time and then are gone, or a planet that we come to to prove our worth, and maybe pay our karmic debt. It is a planet of weal and woe, of pain and suffering, where God or Evolution grinds The Wheel of life and puts us to the “test.” You are a “soul in training”, or a “fool in school”. As such, the best thing that you can do is work hard, learn your lessons, and follow the rules. If you prove yourself worthy than maybe you’ll be granted a higher birth, passage through the pearly gates, a tidbit of a higher truth, or some dollars to make your time more comfortable here. The key here is to be a good little boy or girl, get yourself on the “nice list”, and get the reward you got coming to you.

    Unfortunately, however, none of the above is true. This planet is not a planet of lessons, or of karma, or even of evolution. We are not “souls in training” or “fools in school”. The truth is, we’ve been lied to. The truth is we are much, more more than we have been led to believe. The truth is, over the next twenty years or so, we are going to become that which we truly are. But it is not going to happen automatically, and it not going to happen without some effort. The truth is we’ve been hurt and damaged by our time on this violent planet. The truth is our minds are full of crap and gunk. Getting serious means putting aside naive materialism and admitting that there’s “something more” to this Earth than meets the materialist eye. Getting serious means making an effort to learn the high truths of creation. Getting serious means fixing the vessel and preparing it for the descent of consciousness.

    Reconnect with Consciousness

    The Lightning PathWhen you are ready to get serious I have, for you, the Lightning Path. The Lightning Path is my “school” of spirituality. It is a place where you can study the high truths of consciousness and creation while still living your daily lives. The Lightning Path is organized into levels of study, from Core through Intermediate to Advanced. Each level of study presents the information you need to make consistent and persistent forward progress. You can read what students have to say about the program or find out for yourself what it is all about by reading the Introduction to the Lightning Path Booklet. Download to your computer, tablet, or phone by clicking the following link.

    Introduction to the Lightning Path Book

    Awaken Activate Ascend

    Get started by purchasing the Core level study package or, if you want to proceed in a more formal manner, subscribe as an LP student to get study guides, exams, and community access. Visit the Lightning Path homepage for more information.

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