Lightning Strike


if hackers controlled the ‘verse

Big business men and lawyers control things now, but what if that wasn't so? What if power was shared? In this poem, which I hope is the first of many in a cycle of "ifs", I wonder what would the world be like if hackers (i.e. geeks, gamers, and nerds) do if the world was run on their priorities. Methinks it would be a much different place.

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Wake up in the morning open eyes and now what do I see. Chaos all around with violence, hatred, and vile spew you see. Devil’s in the house my spouse says life ain’t what it used to be. Can’t disagree I’m free but all around me spawn dance ...

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If you're connecting with the energy of this poem it's going to be a little bit of a shock. There's a sense of urgency here and a message to wake up now before it gets so crazy that you can't even think. You think things are changing fast now? You ain't seen nothing yet.

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The Redemption

This poem is a bit of a "prophecy," and a desperate plea to all the well dressed people riding their camels. Its not business as usual boys. Things are changing and you don't have control any more. Yo yo. The last words on the topic are written and the final warning has been g-i-ven. So put down your swords and stop the bullshit right now.

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