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What is Religion?

What is Religion


Are Scientists Spiritual?

What is enlightenment?

What is enlightenment?

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  • Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Cosmic Sex

    The Rocket Scientists' Guide to Cosmic Sex is a practical exploration of the physics, mechanics, and spirituality of human sexuality. The book is currently a short set of notes only. The notes are available to LP students only.

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  • א

Spiritual Music

  • aladdin-sane

    Under Pressure

    What's this song about? Any student of the Lightning Path will know instantly that this song represents the intense emotional, psychological, and physical pressure and disjuncture caused by this planet's Regime of Accumulation, coupled with the intense pain and existential anguish of Disconnection. This all leads, as expanding levels of violence and despair attest, to increasingly dramatic psychological "explosions" as people increasingly collapse under the weight of a System gone totally out of control. If we don't do something quickly the outcome, as explained in The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order, and as intimated by Queen and Bowie, is global catastrophe. It's time to wake up.

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  • Beatles Awakening

    My Guitar Gently Weeps

  • bob-marley

    Bob Marley – Exodus

  • WhiteHouseSouthFacade

    Babylon System

  • mraz

    Jason Mraz – Live high

  • 2009-08-06-about_header

    Let the Sunshine In


I’m not here…

I’m not here to tell you that the old world is winding down, Or that the crazy crackling crown is  going to shred  your Earthly gown. I’m not here to tell you that the world is winding down, I’m just here to bring you Word of a new ...

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The Leap

The next evolutionary leap, Does not come in a jeep, Does not make people weep. Is not just for black sheep. Is not Ram’s greedy bleet. Is not worship at feet. Is not pedophile’s creep. Is not greed’s evil seep. ’tis the end of old world. Is divine ...

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The Birth of Christ

Now, I don’t know about you now, but I’m feeling like I could burst, yup, I’m feeling I could burst, Ya I’m just about to burst. Ya I don’t know about you know, but I’m feeling I could burst As the pressure… And the power… Rises up. And ...

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Ode to 2012

2012, 2012 Mystical 2012 12, 012, 2012 End of the world? 2012, 2012, Magical 2012? 2012, 12 and 12 Consciousness swirl? 2012, 2012 Madness is 2012 12, 12, and 2012 Hollywood hurls. 2012, 2012, Tired old 2012, Priests, Prophets, Pundits, Give anus the whirl. 2012, 2012, Beguile them, ...

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I AM/WE ARE your higher self, And you welcome me this day, How you missed me, did you pray, While you battled night and day, And you claimed a sacred night Would keep all of you in plight, Never recognize I AM And that WE ARE hand in ...

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Shambhala Warriors

Long ago and far away, A prophesy told of a day When no more death on Earth we’d see And balanced true to nature be. And children laugh and dance, and swing, As joyous would all people sing, A new day dawn, a glorious spring, And no more ...

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Sleeping prophets

Hey Billy Bonka Standing at the altar Spreading your prophet seed far and wide Do  you think you’re special? Did ya say you wanna? Play a little savior for a while?

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Holy Grail

Dear one it is time, know your place You are one with God’s glorious grace. You are the light that shineth from above. You are the peace that descends with the dove. See that flame that burns deep inside you? That’s God’s LOVE, but I know that you ...

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