Lightning Strike


I Am/ We Are

This is a poem about the relationships between the spiritual ego, and the bodily ego. It speaks to the initially antagonistic relationship between the two, and the eventual merging of the little ego of the body with the big ego of consciousness. It was inspired by my own realization that the goal isn't to kill the little ego, but to marry/merge it with the higher consciousness. From this insight all LP cosmology, theology, and psychology flows!

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Many, perhaps most, gurus and mystical experts will tell you that in order to advance you have to subdue, even kill, your ego. Presumably this is because your ego interferes with enlightenment and your higher self. Honestly, that's a bunch of bull cocky. Saying that you have to destroy your ego sets up an internal dynamic of conflict where you yourself become the enemy of your own enlightenment. It's just not true. So, rather than seeing your bodily ego as antagonistic to spiritual advance, this poem identifies your ego as a reflection of your higher self. The goal here is not to eliminate that reflection, but to polish the mirror and purify the vessel in order to allow the light of your higher self to shine clearly through. In essence, I AM/WE ARE is a love poem sent from your higher self to your bodily ego. We are one!

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Full Divine

I don’t know what the big deal is with the words “I told you so.” I know I’m certainly not above saying that. So, when you get that first energetic touch of recognition, when the energy ripples through your body, when your scalp tingles, and your heart seems like it will burst from your chest, let it!. That is the divine within thee finally blasting through. And remember, I told ya so, I told ya so, I told ya so.

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In the desert

I wrote this after reading a New York times article on what's happened to the Burning Man festival in recent years. I read the article and immediately started to write. At first I wanted to name the poem Babylon, but then a better name came to me.

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