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  • aladdin-sane

    Under Pressure

    What's this song about? Any student of the Lightning Path will know instantly that this song represents the intense emotional, psychological, and physical pressure and disjuncture caused by this planet's Regime of Accumulation, coupled with the intense pain and existential anguish of Disconnection. This all leads, as expanding levels of violence and despair attest, to increasingly dramatic psychological "explosions" as people increasingly collapse under the weight of a System gone totally out of control. If we don't do something quickly the outcome, as explained in The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order, and as intimated by Queen and Bowie, is global catastrophe. It's time to wake up.

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  • Beatles Awakening

    My Guitar Gently Weeps

  • bob-marley

    Bob Marley – Exodus

  • WhiteHouseSouthFacade

    Babylon System

  • mraz

    Jason Mraz – Live high

  • 2009-08-06-about_header

    Let the Sunshine In


I Am/ We Are

This is a poem that describes the mystical union between the Bodily Ego and the Spiritual Ego that occurs when one has an authentic mystical connection to what I call the Fabric of Consciousness. It describes the sweet bliss of recognition that is NOT the annihilation of bodily ego as some would suggest, but the union and merging of divine self with normal self.

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The Leap

The next evolutionary leap, Does not come in a jeep, Does not make people weep. Is not just for black sheep. Is not Ram’s greedy bleet. Is not worship at feet. Is not pedophile’s creep. Is not greed’s evil seep. ’tis the end of old world. Is divine ...

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I've recently set out to learn Hebrew (which is the primary language of the bible). I have to say, Hebrew is an interesting language. At its very core, and with each elegant stroke of the pen, it is said to speak to the nature of God, the structure of consciousness, and the universe within each us all. I don't think that's necessary true, but there's something in the flow of the pen that invokes deep spiritual contemplation. In honor of that contemplation, this poem is a mystical reflection on the 22 letters in the "language of light" (as some may be wont to call it). It starts with Aleph and continues to the inevitable and apocalyptic end. Have fun, stay grounded, and be light.

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The Prayer

The Prayer is excerpted from The Book of Light Volume One (BOLVI). It is a pure and fundamental statement of our individual/collective divinity. You will understand the full meaning of The Prayer only after you have read volume one of The Book of Light.

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An Easter Poem

Another Easter come and gone? Another where you sing wrong song? Another where you play the snake? Another where your minions quake? Another with delusion I? Another where you’re high and dry? Another where all of their cries Ensure that Christ will never rise… In you, But now ...

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Crystal Song

Higgly piggly tiggly wiggly, Giggly jiggly pumpkin pie. Sigh a song cry a song, Shy but I’m wry this song Take us to heaven on crystal sigh.

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if hackers controlled the ‘verse

if hackers controlled the ‘verse Guys would be well endowed Girls would walk tall and proud. People would die each day, But rise like a lump of clay. We’d all have a power, you see, We’d all fight for good and be free. We’d all bring the system ...

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We asked politely

We asked politely, we really did, Sent emissary, tweaked up your lid. Said time is coming, its close at hand. Please lead God’s children, to promised land. But still sell fire, still invoke war. Still value silence, the devil’s whore. Still burn your billions, still worship brand. Still ...

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