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Click for info on the Dove LogoMy name is Michael Sharp, and if you let me I will be your guide back to full and empowered Connection to what you might call Allah, God, Consciousness, Krishna, or even just “creation,” but what I simply call The Fabric of Consciousness.  My intent, plan, and purpose in this life is simple. Heal the human body and emancipate the human mind so that [Allah/God/Consciousness/Krishna/Creation] can flow down, seat in the vessel, and Flower into the world around.

Now, you might call the process of “Consciousness Descending” being “born again,” achieving “enlightenment,” having a pure conscious event, having a peak experience, experiencing transcendence, being “saved,” or whatever. Whatever you call it,  it all means exactly the same thing which is simply reconnection with The Fabric of Consciousness.  In this context my intent, plan, and purpose is to help (regardless of gender, ethnicity, faith, social class, or any other anything  else) anybody who chooses reconnect with the powerful conscious within — no compromise, and no strings attached.

At this point in your awakening, that might not sound like much to you. Heck, if you  are an atheist It might sound like nothing at all, but that’s (no offense intended) just your ignorance. Anybody who knows Allah, anybody who has ever connected with God, anybody who has embraced (however briefly) full Consciousness, anybody who has ever touched the vast depth and breadth of Creation, and anybody who sits at the throne of Lord Vishnu will know, reconnection with The Fabric is an Earth shattering, apocalypse initiating, old world ending, deal.

It really way, way, way, way more than you think!

From Buddha to Mohammed, Eckart to Christ, anybody who has ever connected with The Fabric of Consciousness has said exactly the same thing. It is powerful. It is glorious. It is wondrous. It is amazing. It is your birthright. If you are interested in experiencing  that, if you are interested in salvation/enlightenment/re-birth, if you want to make a connection to The Fabric of Consciousness, I’m here to help you do it.  I’ll tell you right now though, if you want to make that reconnection, you’ve got work to do. You can’t just worship in a Church, rub down a singing bowl, pray to Jesus, sit on a crystal, visualize prosperity, and expect God to flower from your soul. If you do that you might get a “glimpse,” but that’s all it all will ever be. There’s more to it than that, at least for us humans. Our physical body is damaged, and we have to heal it. Our powerful mind has been oppressed, and we have to free it. We are filled with lie and misconception, and we have to clear that. And these are only first steps. Once you have healed, repaired, and cleared, then you have to awaken, activate, and ascend. I’m not going to lie to you, it is hard work, and it will take a bit of time. But don’t worry. Despite the apocalypse now unfolding before our eyes, and despite faithless or greedy protestation to the contrary, Armageddon’s denouement is predetermined. Still, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t going to be suffering as this all proceeds, nor does it mean you can just stand around with vacant smile and “attract.” Even the most conservative scientists will now agree, war is a brewing, disease is spreading, the rain is falling, and time is running out. You don’t have a choice any more. It is time to wake up and transform this world.  

So don’t ignore this call.

If you, if we, if the right, if the left, if the high, if the low, if the up, if the down, if the people of this Earth don’t wake up RIGHT NOW, we’ll reach the point of no return and what’s left after the debacle will no fun at all.

I am Michael Sharp.

Welcome home.

First Step – The Nature of Spirituality

To get started, first you learn about the nature of spirituality and spiritual practice. To do that, read through the articles below. They provide the rock bottom basics about the nature of spirituality and enlightenment. Alternatively, you can access the full course content (in text and audio format) by taking the free Lightning Path course LP 100 – Introduction to Spirituality.

Second Step – All about the LP

The Lightning PathOnce you and I are on the same page about the nature of enlightenment/salvation/The Kingdom/etc, then you can step forward onto The Lightning Path. The Lightning Path is my “school” of awakening, activation, and ascension. It is empowering, emancipating, non-denominational, and authentic. You can read all about the LP by reading LP Book One: Introduction to the Lightning Path. Download the book by clicking the image below.

Introduction to the Lightning Path BookLP Book one is long and fill with information on who am I, what the LP is, the principles it is based on, the problems I’ve faced developing and authentic spiritual path, and so on. If you aren’t interested in that stuff right now and just want to skip into the spiritual meat, jump right into step three and get your hands on the LP Core Level Materials.

Third Step – The LP Core

The Lightning Path is organized into multiple levels or degrees. The first degree is the LP Core.  The Core level is presented via a study package that includes four books. The suggest price of this package when purchased directly from me US $7.77, but you can offer any value (more or less) that you can afford (those with more should offer more). I suggest you offer what you would normally pay for a nice lunch out. Details of the LP Core package are available from the LP website. To donate, click this link. When your donation is complete you will be taken to the download page.


Moving Forward

Become a student or purchase more packages at http://www.thelightningpath.com

Just Want to Browse?

If you aren’t interested in a systematic approach to spiritual awakening, activation, and ascension, or you just want to browse around and do some reading, feel free. Below are links to parables, poems, and articles available for free on this site. Also don’t forget to check out the book pages. I’ve written books on everything from basic spirituality to advanced cosmology and theology. Some of the books are available for free, and others are priced with access in mind.

The Parables

Whenever I have something really, really, really important to say, I write a parable. So far I’ve written four with one The Parable of the Canvas waiting in draft form.

  • Parable of the Blindfold – A parable about illusions, delusions, and the Maya of the 3D world. Puts some much needed…
  • Parable of the Room – This is a shift story. A story of hope, but a cautionary tale. This is about the rising of…
  • Parable of the Ships – It might not look like it at this point, but the decrepit ship of the old world is sinking beneath…
  • Parable of the Garden – A story about genesis, creation, and divine purpose. Sure to put a spring in your step and a smile…

Recent Poems

Whenever I have something important to say, I write a poem. Here are my four most recent, but you can view all by clicking this link

Recent Posts

Musings on the trajectory of the old world, and the emergence of the divine world order.

Survive to Thrive

I am featured in a documentary on nonviolence and the transformation of consciousness.

“Survive to Thrive” Docu-feature trailer from Kiko Ellsworth – Actor/Prod/Dir on Vimeo.

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