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One screen to rule them

One screen to rule them, one screen to find them, one screen to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. In the land of Mordor where the shadow lies.

The Crucifixion Syndrome

Many people believe that being spiritual means being open, trusting, and loving. While that is certainly true, it also does not mean being vulnerable, soft, and exposed. The World as yet remains a greedy, violent, and dangerous place and you serve no one, least of all God, by allowing your physical unit (the "body" of your Christ-consciousness, the “temple” of your Holy Spirit, the Chariot of Atman, or whatever you want to call it) to be damaged by the violence.

Mayan 2012 and the not-so-end of the world

The world is changing that's for sure, but all the hullabaloo about dramatic global transformation, cataclysms, and disaster seems heavily misplaced. Some bad planning on the part of engineers has led to some global disasters that's for sure, but no divine smack down is going to occur. Will egg on the face of the "prophets" and their conferences silence the blindfolded once and for all, leaving the airways clear for grounded, rationale, and authentic new energy spirituality, or will those-who-don't know continue to ramble on leading all who follow to slip beneath the waves of a now rapidly sinking old energy ship. Only time will tell.

Aleister Crowley is a Mushroom

At the age of fourteen Aleister Crowley, regarded by some to be a fountain of deep, cosmic and spiritual wisdom, brutally butchered a family pet. In his autobiography he admits to experiencing serious childhood abuse, and even intimates sexual molestation. The conclusion? Aleister Crowley was one wounded and messed up child and as such probably not a good source of guidance, spiritual wisdom, and authentic spirituality.

MADD at the Law of Attraction

Today, I wanted to talk about an organization called MADD or Mother’s Against Drunk Driving. For those who don’t know, this is an organization that was formed many years ago in response to the socially irresponsible practice of drunk driving. Basically, this is a group of mothers who, having lost family members to some drunk […]

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