Prayer for Healing

The Prayer for Healing was written to encourage people to reflect upon and change the true internal causes of their illness (i.e. disjuncture and misalignment). Note that while this poem emphasizes the internal causes of misalignment and disjuncture, it does not to erase the damage caused by toxins in the environment, or toxic environments. Heal the mind, free the soul, change the world.

Wake Up

Wake up, wake up, wake up, It’s time that we wake up. It’s time to drink from Cup. It’s time to pony up. Three cheers, three cheers, three cheers, Let’s walk through all our fears, Let’s stand up and be clear, Let’s wipe away the tears. Rejoice, Rejoice Rejoice, For God has made the choice, […]

Dweller in the Dark

Dweller in the dark, Walking in the park, Fending of the shark, Is this all that life can be? Dweller in the dark, Inside is a spark, Trumpet rings thee hark Time has come for you to see. Dweller in the dark, Look for path to ark. Venal is the dark, Dark ones they laugh […]


Wake up in the morning open eyes and now what do I see. Chaos all around with violence, hatred, and vile spew you see. Devil’s in the house my spouse says life ain’t what it used to be. Can’t disagree I’m free but all around me spawn dance gleefully. Guns and war and hatred threaten […]

The Leap

The next evolutionary leap, Does not come in a jeep, Does not make people weep. Is not just for black sheep. Is not Ram’s greedy bleet. Is not worship at feet. Is not pedophile’s creep. Is not greed’s evil seep. ’tis the end of old world. Is Divine now unfurled. Is the Promise we keep, […]

We asked politely

We asked politely, we really did, Sent emissary, tweaked up your lid. Said time is coming, its close at hand. Please lead God’s children, to promised land. But still sell fire, still invoke war. Still value silence, the devil’s whore. Still burn your billions, still worship brand. Still watch as violence, spreads through the land. […]

if hackers controlled the ‘verse

if hackers controlled the ‘verse Guys would be well endowed Girls would walk tall and proud. People would die each day, But rise like a lump of clay. We’d all have a power, you see, We’d all fight for good and be free. We’d all bring the system to ground. We’d all wear a glorious […]

In the desert

In the desert, in the summer, where the hippies burn the man, Comes a silent devolution, to an ego’s stupid plan. As the youngest and the “brightest,” billionaires in fancy cloths, Come with private gold oasis, Bring their shiny metal thrones. In the desert, in the dry east, where they first did see the star, […]

It ain’t going to be like the sixties

You know… It ain’t going to be like the sixties Where the sisters were holding hands, And the brothers were wearing flowers, And the hippies did not withstand. No it ain’t going to be like the sixties, When “the powers” they got control, And the world sighed a bitter sadness, As The System killed the […]

I’m not here…

I’m not here to tell you that the old world is winding down, Or that the crazy crackling crown is  going to shred  your Earthly gown. I’m not here to tell you that the world is winding down, I’m just here to bring you Word of a new day. I’m not here to say you […]

If it wasn’t for…

It it wasn’t for the rape and the abuse… If it wasn’t for the grubby hands dug in our purse… If it wasn’t for the violent disregard… If it wasn’t for the hiding thief in our back yard. If it wasn’t for the creepy pedo’ priest… If it wasn’t for the violent middle east… If […]

Heart Clock

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Heart clock. Tick clock, click clock. Midnight’s, on clock. Can’t talk? Heart shock? Shell shock? Body locked? Knock knock. Open heart. Spirit comes. Twelve O’clock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Heart clock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Heart clock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Heart clock.

Unification Day

Are you looking for a grand unified theory? Something that explains all of time and of space? Well you’ve come to the right dot location. You’re now in the right temporal space. It has everything to do with what’s inside. So please pause now and bridge great divide. As above, So below, Let your mind […]

Pied Piper

Knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door.

Hey Diddle Diddle

This is just a little reminder, herbal good, chemical bad. I mean really. Just because this planet is a hunk of dirt doesn't mean we should treat it that way. Gaia has given everything we need from the food and the water to the entheogen and the medicine. There's nothing to be afraid of and every reason to rejoice.


Dear one, Please stand up. It is time. That you heeded the one brings this rhyme. As he says to all those among you. You are God in the heavens. It’s true. And no matter that maybe you walk, Through the valley of shadow and dark. You’ve never really been far from your home. God’s […]

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