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Allegory addressed to the intellectual powers, while it is altogether hidden from the corporeal understanding, is my definition of the most sublime poetry. William Blake



After spending forty years of my life in left-brain lock down, and never writing a single line of poetry, I woke up one day and started writing poetry, mostly of a very spiritual nature. The very first poem I wrote was The Song of Creation. The Song of Creation is an epic poem, like Blake’s Jerusalem. Like Jerusalem it is a recounting and a prophecy. It is the entire story of creation from the first glimmering to the ultimate and inevitable denouement, but with a difference. In this creation story there is no good and evil, there is no “us and them.” In this creation story the multitudes are brought together in shared purpose and in so doing all excuses and justifications are removed. The violence and disregard, the hierarchy and the privilege, the pain and the suffering, end as we finally realize and remember that we are members of the same glorious family of Spirit. If you visit the Song of Creation book page there is a link for you to download the full text to read for free. You can also support this work by purchasing a copy for your coffee room table.

After writing this book length poem I went on to write other poems, like Reed, or Shambhala Warriors, or The Redemption. A couple of poems are just for fun, but most have deeper spiritual significance. Indeed, some poems are “messages” for this time and this place, in the sense that William Blake speaks of the messages in his poems. It would be possible, I suppose, to write out the “messages” of these poem in prose form, but then not everybody is ready to hear, nor, even still, are all people inclined to be concerned. I would not bother those who are not ready, or who do not choose. Let them live out the rest of their lives as they see fit, hopefully hurting only themselves. For the rest, the messages are here when you are ready. Just follow your intuition and read that which you are guided to read.

My poems are all listed below, along with a short commentary by yours truly. I add to them as the spirit moves me. Feel free to share these poems around, or to republish them in your online or print magazine.  If you use a poem, make a donation through Paypal ([email protected]) if you are able. Pay whatever you can. If you can’t, no worries. Just make a proper attribution, and send me an email to let me know where you are using the poem.


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  • Sleeping prophets - This poem is for all the "sleeping prophets" out there who babble like bubbling brooks without a...


Blake, W. (1803). Letter to Thomas Butts. Retrieved from http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Page:The_letters_of_William_Blake_(1906).djvu/183

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  1. Posted on I see this as a trend toward the genarel de-mystification of enlightenment, along the lines of what has been happening with meditation over the last forty years. It is only as people understand the secular, mundane components of awakening that the majority can become empowered to integrate higher levels of consciousness.

  2. La schizophr茅nie est une maladie mentale grave qui touche environ 2,5 millions d’Am茅ricains, frappant habituellement 脿 la fin de l’adolescence ou au d茅but des ann茅es 20. Il tourmente ses victimes avec des voix effrayantes, des hallucinations et des pens茅es irrationnelles.

  3. Hopeful poem. Need a dash of that today…..

    “The old world will not go on”

    I sure hope you are right !

  4. I don’t want to single out people with money, but I feel on top of the common struggles we all face, when there is a huge difference in the amount of money people have, it creates more separation between us which is not healthy. It could be even harder to be in that situation where you ‘have everything’ but still feel miserable. This healing work is so important to break those barriers between everybody

  5. It’s true, in the last couple of months I have heard of 3 suicides, either of people who I used to be linked with through friends years ago, used to go to high school with, or are friends of my sister. It is tragic. Everytime I hear of it it saddens me how much suffering is present in this world. When I heard of Seymour Hoffmans death I immediately thought the same thing, that it doesn’t matter how rich you are, you are still suffering. I see it everyday at work, and honestly, those with money look to me the most miserable. Half the time they can’t even say thank you or look in the eye.

  6. Michael – ya i was watching fireworks last night with my little girl for New Year’s eve, standing outside in the cold, and I was thinking exactly your sentiment “Ah well, we’ll kick the foundation out and rejoice in the inevitable disintegration of The System.”

    I had a cool thought come to me. I started feeling like all the fireworks were part of a world wide celebration, where we were celebrating the end of our enslavement and the dawn of the new earth. I remember as I thought that, the music and base really started bumping, and next thing I knew I was jumping up and down to the beat with my little girl. I became lost in it, and I could feel the energy coming through me really, but animating _all of us_, like a gigantic wave of electricity everybody was being energized by. It felt like I was watching the fireworks for hours and hours… and even though I was standing in one particular city, I felt like what was happening was going on in cities literally the world over… and the energy I was feeling was the energy of exubilation and excitement of millions and really billions.

    I experienced the entire thing standing there last night. The funny thing is that I didn’t feel like it was something that would be happening in the future. Instead it seemed like it was already started and now it is just a matter of more and more people being able to see it.

  7. It is not a question of “should” or “shouldn’t.” It is a question of what is. If a person is responsible for pain and suffering in the world, they are responsible for the pain and suffering. If you drink on Christmas and kill somebody while driving drunk, you’re 100 responsible. Who else? If a dozen people in a room in London make a decision that sends 10,000 sons and daughters to war, they are responsible for the pain and the suffering that is caused. If you design and build a system, and then put that in place, no matter how many thousands of years ago that might have been, you’re responsible for that system and all the suffering it causes. “Should or should not is irrelevant.” Work as hard as you can to fix it, replace it, and atone, but it is still frustrating and painful to watch it grind its wheels over the blood and bones of the people you enslaved.

    Ah well, we’ll kick the foundation out and rejoice in the inevitable disintegration of The System.

  8. this is a pretty dark poem michael. it reminds me of a lot of old energy spirituality stuff i read one time about 1/2 of people “making it” through the ascension and 1/2 of people going off into another dimension to keep “evolving” or experiencing 3D reality or whatever. (Something like 1/2 of us turn into the artcurians in the future or somehting, the other 1/2 the greys or something.) That is kinda how the poem strikes me. too much doom and gloom really. You put the outcome squarely on the shoulders of the individual and that is good i think, but there isn’t a lot of “nobody gets left behind” message in there.
    I am not criticizing your poetry. it is an awesome poem!!
    it is just pretty dark Michael . makes me feel the pain you must feel as you watch the atrocities committed during this time.
    it reminds me of the scene in terminator where sarah conner is looking out onto a playground of children playing, and only she knows the future where the playground and most everybody is annihilated during the coming war. that is what i was getting as i read your poem. you can see the consequences of people not waking up and it is too horrible, and it means more senseless slaughter and killing.
    but no one person should feel responsible for everything. as you say alot in your work, there are lots of more perspectives and agendas and intentions that just yours.

  9. No Way! As I was reading this I was sipping on green tea and had just finished my plate of biscuits!!! For real! Now that I said that, I found this very soothing, grounding, and interesting. I can only imagine how some people must perceive you and expect you to be “this” or “that” considering the spiritual authenticity of your work and all the ‘gurus’ prancing around out there. Expectations . . . man! It brought to light some of the misconceptions that I wasn’t sure I was harbouring about my advancement on the LP; thinking that I wasn’t getting the ‘results’ I should be getting (kinda expecting fireworks of some kind, then having subconscious feelings that I am doing something wrong). However, when I read your description of healthy spirituality and awakening I was calm and sure that yes, I am doing everything right. It also amazes me how much my relationships have changed this past year. ‘Friends’ that I had in January are suddenly no longer around (thankfully), but the relationships I do have are very rewarding and full of love. It’s been an interesting year.

  10. Something to think about! How our language reinforces our unconscious misperceptions.

    I like how your poem brought this to light for me.

  11. Well it’s not based on truth that’s for sure. Not that women can’t be diabolical, but then men can be as well. I suppose i could have just as easily used warlock’s stew here.

    What you say is dead on. The imagery comes as a result of authority-instilled fears, and our mis-perception of reality. We see one bad egg, and then we come across some form of media supported generality, we connect the two, and voila, misperception.

  12. I have seen it. (The BurningTimes). I think it’s interesting that our language reflects our subconconscious fears and misconceptions . Almost all who read the phrase “witches brew” would associate it with darkness, and diabolical intentions as you intended. But I am wondering if the phrase is based on truth (are there really old hags with big noses who stir their cauldrons and intend evil spells) or did the phrase come about as a result of our misperception and authority-instilled fears.

  13. Mostly it has to do with the darkness of the image of a “witch’s brew.” Dark, stinky, powerful, controlling, made up of dead bits of animals, blech. I’m totally aware of the history of Wicca and the suppression of female energies. A good film on this (though old) is The Burning Times. It chronicles the horrors perpetrated on women.

  14. Michael, can I ask you if the allusion to witch in this poem is a conscious choice on your part? Or did it just kind of flow creatively in the moment? Just curious….

    It’s really interesting thinking of this from a historical perspective. Witch is a female archetype and the history of “witch” seems from my perspective to closely parallel the historical oppression and suppression of the female gender and Gaian spirituality.

  15. I was thinking about how this poem was provoking me on a subconscious level…when I did my mind map here how it went… witches brew linked to anger, fear and hatred->witch, villified ,walking dead, blood, darkness-> history of witch associated with evil and leading to the oppression and suppression of women, burning at the stake, brutal suppression of the feminine gifts of herbalism, midwifery, and medicine. There is a historical thread that is being pulled, in reality witches are not a personification of hatred fear and anger, but representative of earth-based spirituality and healing.

    Very provoking.

  16. I listened to Wake Up last night, and was thinking that I really like hearing your poetry. This one is provoking….I think that from the moment of our first breath we begin the adagio pain of dying, though much better to dance our way there. Good to be reminded that we can let go of the chains and break free from confinement. I think next I will yoga/ dance.

  17. If someone’s sense of spirituality isn’t in perfect alignment with yours, they must be terribly confused, yes?

    No. But anybody who thinks that tales of animal mutilation are signs of spiritual wisdom is deluded.

    Your tone is defensive by means of offense;

    The problem isn’t my tone, Jacob, it is the fact that you cannot defend your beliefs, trying to undermine me, my personality, AND my “spirituality” rather than addressing the accusations.


    At a deep level you know that what I’m saying here is the truth, but you can’t deal with that directly, so instead you got to sputter and puff and invoke collective cliches about what spiritual teachers “should” be like, in this transparent attempt to redirect attention from the pathology of Crowley, to the personality of Michael. Honestly, I’m glad your thinking of giving up, because this isn’t a battle you are going to win anyway.

    I’ve never met a spiritual teacher so unwilling to entertain the ideas of others, not to mention become visibly offended by them.

    Oh and in your sixteen years of life you’ve met a lot of spiritual teachers, huh?

    Anyway, I hazard to say you’ve never met any spiritual teachers, you’ve only met shills for the system. Animal mutilation is horrible. Lying about it is pathology. Believing the lie as if its an indication of profound spiritual wisdom and power is delusion. I mean really, WTF are you thinking Jacob?

    You want to take issue with those statements? Please feel free. You want to attack my personality, you can do that to, but I can assure you the blindfold is off in this neck of the woods and we’re all for calling a rose a rose, and a psychopath a psychopath.

    here, I recommend this book for you


    or this.


    Note the symptoms. I’ve put an asterix by the ones I think apply to Crowley. Correct me if I’m wrong because although I’ve read his autobiography, I’d be curious if others can offer insight.

    Factor 1: Personality “Aggressive narcissism”

    Glibness/superficial charm Factor 1: Personality “Aggressive narcissism”

    Glibness/superficial charm *
    Grandiose sense of self-worth ***
    Pathological lying ****
    Cunning/manipulative ****
    Lack of remorse or guilt ****
    Shallow affect (genuine emotion is short-lived and egocentric) *
    Callousness; lack of empathy *** (love under will)
    Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

    Factor 2: Case history “Socially deviant lifestyle”.

    Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom *
    Parasitic lifestyle
    Poor behavioral control *
    Lack of realistic long-term goals
    Impulsivity *
    Irresponsibility *
    Juvenile delinquency *
    Early behavior problems *
    Revocation of conditional release

  18. And this is where our conversation ends. “If you can’t see the pathology even when its pointed out to you in this blunt fashion, you’re going to need a lot more than luck to sort your shit out.” If someone’s sense of spirituality isn’t in perfect alignment with yours, they must be terribly confused, yes? Your tone is defensive by means of offense; I’ve never met a spiritual teacher so unwilling to entertain the ideas of others, not to mention become visibly offended by them. I didn’t resort to name calling, but you did. I tried to have a legitimate conversation and discuss in friendly terms. Most adults I speak to—not to mention the spiritually inclined ones—are capable of this.

  19. It’s interesting how a simple observation of what most Thelemites believe riles you up.

    Is that right? I suppose you think I should be disinterested and dispassionate even in the face of pathological bullshit? I imagine you think people shouldn’t get angry even in the face of patent lie and dissembly? Hmm. Interesting.

    I assure you, I don’t find animal cruelty attractive; in fact, I’m a fruitarian and work at an animal shelter. I’ve been the former for four years—since I was twelve—and done the latter for two.

    I suppose this then makes your defense of somebody who confesses to mutilating animals even more “interesting.” Although your incredulity in the face of what for me amounts to a simple (in my mind) thelemite attempt to avoid confronting the bizarre truth of the man they worship is something else.

    Should you dislike Crowley, that’s fine, but do your credibility a favor and don’t insult practices and beliefs of which you are clearly ignorant.

    I’m not insulting anybody, I’m trying to help you see the truth. Since you seem to be having some trouble with that, let me spell it out again for you.

    Anybody that mutilates animals is sick.

    Anybody that lies about something like that in order to prop themselves up, is also sick.

    Anybody who thinks that it is funny to lie about something like that, or that it is actually a good thing demonstrating serious spiritual wisdom and empowerment, is deluded.

    If you can’t see the pathology even when its pointed out to you in this blunt fashion, you’re going to need a lot more than luck to sort your shit out.


  20. It’s interesting how a simple observation of what most Thelemites believe riles you up. I assure you, I don’t find animal cruelty attractive; in fact, I’m a fruitarian and work at an animal shelter. I’ve been the former for four years—since I was twelve—and done the latter for two. Should you dislike Crowley, that’s fine, but do your credibility a favor and don’t insult practices and beliefs of which you are clearly ignorant. Or, you could actually study him in an attempt to debunk his “pathological bullshit,” and, in the process, come to a greater understanding. This is not intended to be inflammatory and I wish you the best of luck.

  21. oh is that right. So what you’re saying is that Crowley wasn’t a sadomasochist monster, he was just a pathological liar. And thelemites the world over think that’s funny. Frankly I don’t know who is more fucked up in this case, Crowley or the people who respect his pathological bullshit.

    For Christ sake, What kind of person jokes about mutilating animals. And what kind of people laugh at that joke?

    Corrupted throat chakra.

  22. I must disagree. Most of the Thelemites I’ve spoken to have confirmed that the cat story is generally accepted as a byproduct of his usual tongue-in-cheek style. He spoke of activities so grave that one must deem them ridiculous and laugh. Though I don’t practice any sort of magic, I do respect Crowley and firmly believe that his “wounded” attitude is intended to contribute to nothing more than a good, sarcastic laugh and further solidify his status as The Great Beast.

  23. Man! Isn’t this EXACTLY what I needed to read at the EXACT right time. I was just writing to myself/The Fabric about how frustrated I’ve been lately with my perceived lack of progress (which is nonsense). I am just impatient, even though I know that I am doing the right things and going in the right direction and being constantly aware of inner and outer, I expect immediate results then fall back into old patterns of berating myself if I don’t see them instantly, as if there is something wrong with me or I am not doing something right, even though I know very well that there is nothing wrong with me and I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. Impatience I tell you. Always loosing sight of just how far I have come and continue to go. I just need to keep at it and have faith in the practice. Slow down is right.

  24. Michael, when you say you would probably write the Dossier of the Ascension differently now, can you provide re: specifics? In other words, do you mean the style of the book would be different, or are you referring to specific details that you would handle differently?

  25. Michael – what do you mean ‘you tell me?’

    Are you saying it is what I believe that matters?

    Or are you saying that the answer is obvious from your books?

  26. Hi,

    I’ve been thinking about this for the past week.
    When you are speaking about preservation of identity past physical death, are you referring to our “monad” or spiritual ego remembering or retaining everything about us, or our experiences, in each physical existence? We just “forget” our other existences when we manifest in some physical realities(like here under the veil)- until we make a connection that is.
    Do all of our lives intertwine in the Fabric or are they each a separate entity? For example, if I have ten past lives are they all retained in one monad in the Fabric?
    Hopefully one day I will know for myself, I have started to have inklings of what a couple past lives were and find it very exciting.



  27. ya i probably did imply that at some point, but I shouldn’t have. I was early in my career as a spiritual writer at that point and I wouldn’t say the same thing now.

    As for Lemuria, that’s a tough one. How do you take an entire culture and totally shift gears on it? How do you go from peaceful, connected, open, truthful, and balanced to out of balanced, hierarchical, and oppressive? When everybody is connected at birth, and when the connection expands and grows over time, how do make that shift? I can tell you this, making that shift is a lot harder than making our current shift. Our current shift can be gradual, and can stay almost invisible until its almost over. But that shift had to be dramatic, peremptory, and conclusive. It sucks, but there was no other way. Though thinking about it now it probably wasn’t a single dramatic end, but multiple ends. Flood over there, environmental catastrophe over here, small meteor, etc.

    Our shift now is being handled naturally by an “acceleration of consequences.” As the vibration of this planet rises, the viscosity of 3D energy declines, and our manifestation efforts, whether they are conscious or unconscious, healthy or toxic, life affirming or embracing of death, accelerate. Consequences. The acceleration is already noticeable if you’re paying attention, but in four or five years it is going to be obvious. Its going to be a very delicate time for the planet at that point because the potential for fear and panic will be very high. It is our job to ease the fear and the panic and provide a path out of the old energy toxicity. We’ll be ready by then, right Ben?

  28. Michael – Do you not imply in some places that the terrorist attacks of 9/11 constitute a type of spiritual alarm clock? If so, who is the designer of this alarm clock, and why would it be necessary for people to die in order to get our attention? Additionally [if so], how does this jive with the sentiment expressed in your blog post above [i.e. that no loving God would ever cause needless death or suffering for some type of a "higher purpose"?

    Finally, how does your your assertion that Lemuria was caused to be destroyed [bringing fiery death and destruction to its inhabitants] due to some type of “higher spiritual purpose” [i.e. a continuation of the ascension experiment] not contradict your sentiment in this blog post?

    Thank you for your responses. I hope you do not perceive my questions as being antagonistic.

  29. Great article. Very interesting. It leaves me wondering: It is reasonable for me to expect to “confront my immortality” in my current body, the one writing these words? Thank you- Ben

  30. Michael,

    Here’s another blockage that has been dealt with! :)

    Five years ago I was drawn to become a Reiki Master. For about two months after each Attunement my hands would become hot/cold when I would place my hands over an individual. After a couple of months my hands would no longer heat up etc… Can you imagine how discouraged I would become? I’m a healer and to me it was such a disappointment that I couldn’t help heal a person. I can’t count how many Reiki Master’s I went to, seeking an answer to what was causing the blockage. I finally gave up. Once again the New Age Movement had no answer to what was causing this blockage.

    Can you imagine my surprise and delight when about 3 months ago my hands began to heat up on their own? I have been doing the GI Meditation daily for 2 years and set the intent that this blockage be cleared. It worked! I have been applying Healing Touch to my pt’s at work who request a session with a Healing Touch Practichner.

    You have changed my life in so many ways….I am fprever grateful


  31. Thank-you for sharing Frustrated’s concerns.

    I can certainly relate to the spiritual parenting/education questions she has.

    It can be hard to find other parents that share similar spiritual views, let alone talk about it openly. I find as I slowly but surely try to work with the archetypes and make changes in my own thinking, the way I can help my children changes too. It can be difficult to veer from the “system socializing” way of raising a child that we have been taught to suddenly the “empowering/energy” way (or LP way I guess) without some conflict (either internal or with family or spouse). So I hope Frustrated can find the support she is looking for and know that she is definitely not alone.


  32. Well said. I´ve been against the whole Obama hype ever since it started. I could sense where it was going, although, I must admit, I almost got fooled myself. The perfect picture they try to paint of this fraud is really thick and well put together. Yet, as you pointed out, not all is as it seems. Truth!

  33. So true, something I think about at work now when the rich come into store with their expensive cars parked outside, flashing their designer bags and wads of money. You may have money I think, but that doesn’t mean you are happy. Who knows what is going on behind the scenes; divorce, abuse, cheating, unhappy children whose needs aren’t being met, parents who put work before their kids and each other. We all eat, sleep, poo, urinate, burp etc, and we all have needs. No amount of hiding behind the facade is going to change that, and no product purchase is going to fulfill that.


  34. When I read this book and came across a suggestion or two on how to lose weight. One of the suggestions were, get this…avoid overweight people!

    I thought angrily, ‘What kind of bullshit is that? Treating overweight people as if they have leprosy or the bubonic plague!’

    From that day forward, I NEVER picked up or read that piece of bloodclot book from those silly baldheads again, because it was mean and encouraged punishment by social isolation. If anything, that would make people keep the excess weight and add more on! !Es no bueno!

  35. Wow. That is one great piece of critical thinking, Michael! Great job! I deal with such people daily on Twitter, and I rarely handle it as well as you did here. Thanks for the lesson! :o)

  36. Yeah, I fully agree. Life is mysterious and the answers are accessible through ’round-table’ discussion as well as from the experience of experimenting. The institutions despise people actually reasoning together to come to the proper conclusion as well as experimenting in the ‘taboo’ to find what really works to better life. I.e. right now, I’m experimenting on singing to give me inner peace, I once got inner peace from worshiping the bad-ass-sky-daddy, but now, I’m singing to different gods, wind, plants, etc. and still getting the same inner peace as I got from Christianity.

    Christianity (Bible) scared me on the thought that people are burning forever for temporary ‘sins’ and made me have a nervous breakdown. I finally awakened to the abuse of torment and no loving, kind, gentle, and joyful GOD would ever put someone in chains of the burning ash pit, especially not forever. I have just started recovering from this nervous break-down and have begun experiencing the same type of inner peace through singing and meditating as I got from praising Yahweh, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus. Joy, peace, love, compassionate care within are the beacons of proper path walking, of which, I have now found elsewhere besides Christianity the Institution.

    I experimented by singing to Thor, “Hallelu Thor” and I got the same inner peace, inner joy, inner love, etc. as I got from singing “Hallelu Yah”. It works, I’m telling you by experience. I think there is something beyond the institutions but something of the literal universe and existence itself that is linked somehow by the theory of relativity. I mean singing to Thor or singing to Yahweh, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus got me the same results except Thor doesn’t threaten me with abusive torture, at least as far as I know. Tomorrow I will be singing to the birds to see if it will work as well.

    Cheers and keep up the good work to better the existence.

  37. Michael,

    I love the new look of this blog ! The Intuitive Search is cool, a great way to practice our intuition. The flashing tarot cards are awesome!! I right clicked on one and I can, save target as,ect.. this way I can share these cards with family and friends. :)

    Great Job

  38. Michael Sharp, I’m so grateful for your work! I’m very curious about manifestation and interested in your opinion on heart meditation as relates to manifestation. What I’ve begun to realize is that manifesting from the mind in the land of duality is tricky business. When one spins desires form the mind, the opposite of each desire will surely follow. I’ve read that the key is to manifest from the heart, not the head. Perhaps this is putting oneself on the level of our “Garden”, where duality won’t reign? I do credit the Secret with helping spark mainstream curiosity, but yes the blaming is horrible, and the money talk is downright gross. I think the Secret tried to backtrack with the new “Power” book about Love. Comments please :)

    Ya I think love and compassion are critical, but its not going to make attraction any easier. The main obstacles to “attraction” on this planet are economic and political. Have a look at this book I wrote, Rocket Scientists Guide to Money and the Economy. It explains some of the “deeper” aspects of energy and attraction and exposes how a rather remarkable system of energy exchange (i.e. currency) is corrupted and exploited to benefit a few. It is an enlightening read if I do say so myself.

    Be careful with those secret people. I’ve seen them do nothing but try and profit off of all this. They write the secret, and when that doesn’t work, they right “the missing secret” and when that doesn’t work, they’ll offer something else that they missed the first time, but that you have to pay for. The only question for me is, how much of our hard earned money will we (and by “we” I mean the collective “we” and not you or I) hand over to these people before we wise up and see they really haven’t got a clue.

  39. Ghandi I can get behind for sure, Tolle not so much. By saying it is “human nature” that is the problem he is showing his lack of spiritual sophistication and misplaced understanding. It is not “human nature” that causes all the suffering on this world but the actions of a few greedy and violent people. When we say “human nature” in this fashion, we wipe away responsibility and blame it on mystical natural forces that have no grounding in reality. That is, saying it is “human nature” doesn’t explain anything, it just appears to.

    And besides, if you want to know “human nature,” look at child before it has been corrupted by The System. What do you see? Giggles, affection, the desire to cuddle and be loved. It is only after we have been emotionally and spiritually raped by The System that we develop the type of “human nature” that Tolle is referring to.

    Consider. Soldiers are not born, they are made. The military engages in a systematic decimation of the psyche in order to rebuild the human in a way suitable for military service. More examples could be found. So how can we speak of “human nature” when clearly who we and how we exist in the world is subject to manipulation and control?

    Don’t be intimidated by grand macro stuff. It is actually easier then you might think. All we need is a common vision and a common understanding, and that’s not that hard to develop.

  40. Full agreement!!
    My comment was rather rhetorical, thinking about the ‘Law of Attraction’ stuff/folks.
    Personally, I am intimidated by the grand macro sort of goals so for the moment I try to keep in ming the words of Ghandi “Be the change you want to see in the world’, and Tolle ‘Until there is a profound change in human nature the worlds suffering is a bottomless pit’, and then I work on the micro parts that I feel I have control over like compassion and allowing. My hope is for a cumulative effect of many micros being a macro and there by help humanity start the climb out of the pit. I agree that moving intention/vision toward the macro is appropriate/important.

  41. However it happens, the big question seems to me to be, “What to try to attract?”

    How about world peace, an end to poverty and suffering, and the emergence of The Garden on earth?

  42. I don’t disagree with anything in the last comment.
    The power to attract at the surface physical layer in not distributed equally. People with physical wealth can most easily attract more physical wealth. Anyone and everyone seemingly can use intention to influence outcome and I don’t claim to know the workings, the scope, the depth of the mechanism by which this happens.
    However it happens, the big question seems to me to be, “What to try to attract?”
    Compassion, contentment, forgiveness, allowing, joy are all high on my list and giving is the only way that consistently works for me to facilitate my own getting.
    I am new to this site/blog and look forward exploring, sharing, learning.

  43. Ya but “doing good work” in one area doesn’t obviate an individual from the damage they cause in another. If you save one, but hurt a hundred, what kind of person are you really?

    And ignorance is not an excuse, it is a problem.

    And as for the Law of Attraction, the problem with that, as always, is that some people on this earth have more power than others to attract. The Truth is, the energetic functioning of the universe, which is egalitarian, is corrupted by the abuse, misuse, and sheer idolatry of power on this planet. This idolatry and misuse of power is pretty bad and although blatantly obvious to anybody not from here, is curiously invisible to the denizens of this planet. You can blame the LOA for that (in part anyway) which explicitly teaches us to pretend everything is OK, to absolve ourselves of responsibility, and to use universal energies in a passive and selfish way.

  44. I agree with the notion that ‘The Secret’ tends to inappropriately focus on material gain and I am no fan of it or apologist for it. From my first exposure to it I did not feel good about it.

    However, a number of the people who appeared in the movie seem to me to be doing good and caring work. It has been a while since watching ‘The Secret’ and Michael Beckwith is the only name that comes right to mind. I do not feel that he exposes the materialist focus that ‘The Secret’ has, in my mind, become associated with.

    Additionally, ‘The Law of Attraction’ as presented by Abraham (Ester Hicks) seldom fails to strike a resonant chord with me and while I can imagine someone thinking that it is ‘all about material wealth’, that does not seem to me to be the core message or the primary intent.

    Thanks for this blog!

  45. YAY! I’m so glad you decided to speak up about this. The so-called “Secret” and all kinds of similar methods of reality manipulation have been annoying me for quite some time. Don’t get me wrong…I know that we are powerful beyond belief and that we have the right to choose our own realities. What I do have an enormous issue with is that pretty much all of the so-called law of attraction methods simply cause us to buy into the old paradigm. My God, this is just capitalism with a nice dose of New Age hocus pocus thrown in. These methods, in my opinion, just cause people to focus on maintaining a reality based on rich vs. poor. If it doesn’t work for you all kinds of crap is invoked like an inability to release your karma, a lack of faith and blah, blah, blah. Maybe we should begin to realize that the real secret is to manifest a whole new reality in which the laws and dogmas of the old society simply do not apply. Thanks for sharing.


  46. what an authentic article it is!

    Responsibility and freedom of speech.

    I’ll keep that in my mind

  47. A comment from MrMobious, an LPer posting on our site forums.

    The only thing that sells better than sex is fear. 2012 is simply New Coke. Updated packaging for the same old product. New and improved fear mongering. Repetition and hypnosis. A sleeping pill. On and on I could go.

    I went outside to shoot some hoops today and I heard two middle school age girls telling their father that the world is going to end in 2012 cause of the mayan calendar. No joke. Today.

    There is a always a new generation that needs to be kept asleep and controlled if the system is to be successful. Movies like 2012 do that in the most efficient vehicle that is Entertainment.

    The brilliance about the System is the word of mouth component. Anyone who runs a successful business knows the power of word of mouth advertising. Not to mention the very essence, prime directive, of any system of ideas is to validate it’s own existence.

    Additionally this may be a cultural phenomenon. As most in the west have such obtuse, paranoid, and ignorant views of death, we simply avoid the topic. Our latent fear of death will constantly manifest in end of times scenarios. I don’t care if you die from old age, comet or asteroid, accident, plane crash, or badger attack, the end result is the same. Worm food. This is a very important thing to come to terms with. The mechanism of the end of your physical unit doesn’t change the outcome. I say again, Worm Food.

    There is only one type of fear is most (Kubrick and the Shining are exempt) horror movies. The fear of Death. Think about that for a moment. What is the end result of any slasher film or chain saw massacre? Death. What is each character running from? Not Jason, or Freddie, or a giant asteroid, but their own Fear of Death. Fear of Mortality is the mono-thematic theme of 99% of horror films.

    LP knowledge sets death as a moment where the non physical monadic consciousness leaves the physical unit by choice or not. No end, only reorganization and collection.

    Think of the Mayan Calendar as a horror movie monster. If you fear death the monster has power over you. If you have accepted the morality potential of your physical until and really integrated what it means to be an aspect of your immortal spirit, the monster will disappear and have no power over you.


  48. Hi,Michael Sharp!
    Is this your real name?
    You are really ‘sharp’.^^
    I guess you have heard about it very often.

    Anyway, good writing. Thanks!

  49. Ugggghhh! All I can say is that and THANK YOU! You hit the nail on the head. With regard to the whole “The Secret” business, right away I was disheartened by how it was packaged and peddled, promoting material gain; and, tell me, why does it have to be A SECRET??? Something being A SECRET… well, doesn’t that promote “exclusivity”? Ohhh, how that saddens me. I sit back silently in my human social environment (because I don’t know what to sayyy!!!) and watch as one friend or stranger after the next cruises past those he/she knows with this “I know something you don’t knowwww” air about them. There’s a weird “this is mine”, kind of “power” vibe going on. It’s making me nervous (and rather “alone” feeling).
    Sadly, I find that “The Secret” is serving only the Ego for many.

  50. You know, that’s not such an easy question to answer. My short answer is, “I can’t convince you of that but you can convince yourself if you follow the right steps.” You basically need to repair your physical unit (your body) enough to enable it to begin it’s reconnection to The Fabric of Consciousness for the definition of Fabric of Consciousness). This repair will involve unblocking your chakra energies so that your body begins to function as a proper vessel for consciousness as intended. Once you progress a certain distance towards repair, your crown chakra (your brain and CNS) will begin to experience spontaneous connection to the Fabric of Consciousness and when that happens, you’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are more than that lump of flesh you’re sitting in.

    The longer answer involves the details of repair. And for that I recommend you start with the LP Core books, and in particular Dossier of the Ascension. It’s one of my first books and I’d probably write it differently now than I did, but there is still a lot of useful information. I also recommend my Basic Book as a primer, but I’m not quite finished that one yet.

    Consciousness is the root of all things (Book of Light).

  51. Hi,

    I’ll cut to the chase: “I’ve seen with my own eyes the reality of the soul, the preservation of identity past death…”

    how, or rather, what did you see?
    can you convince me that my consciousness will be preserved?

    (’cause I want to be convinced….)


  52. Hi Michael,

    It’s really unbelievable that someone would write such a thing! If I were to picture this person it would be a well mannered, educated and intelligent person, just like Hanibal Lector!

    I am real, the pain I suffered was real, and thanks to your words and help it went away. Thank you for not ignoring me or thinking that I was just a product of your infantile imagination.


  53. Thanks. I would just like to note that I do believe in the importance of visualization and intent, just not in the oversimplified and “sanitized for the masses” manner put forward by The Secret and others who espouse the so called “law of attraction.” That stuff really borders on propaganda.

    Rather than the “law of attraction,” I like to say “As above in consciousness, so below in matter.” This phrase provides a much less passive and simplistic window into what I would consider an important spiritual truth. Plus it’s missing the “marketing hypola” of phrases like “the secret” and “the law.”


  54. Wow.

    I can honestly say that I was totally taken in by this stuff my whole life. Not only by the “certain DVD,” but also by the bible verse “the thing I feared most has come upon me (or words to that effect).”

    That second one was since childhood in the early 80s, I actually remembered the first time I heard that verse. I remembered because of the line of thought this post inspired in me.

    Thanks a lot. This is a total sidewinder for me but you’re 100% correct, I guess I only needed to hear it to realize it.

    Good job.