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This is spiritual poetry. There are ascension themes, awakening themes, prophetic themes, and just regular "messages from above." You will get the biggest initiatory "oomph" from these poems if you print them out and sit down to read them in a "receptive" state. Fire up the right brain and access the deep messages of Spirit today.

Allegory addressed to the intellectual powers, while it is altogether hidden from the corporeal understanding, is my definition of the most sublime poetry. William Blake

After spending forty years of my life in left-brain lock down, and never writing a single line of poetry, I just “woke up” one day and started writing spiritual poetry (you can read the full story here), mostly of a very spiritual nature. The very first poem I wrote was The Song of Creation. The Song of Creation is an epic spiritual poem, like Blake’s Jerusalem. Like Jerusalem it is a recounting and a prophecy. It is the entire story of creation from the first glimmering to the ultimate and inevitable denouement, but with a difference. In this creation story there is no good and evil, there is no “us and them.” In this spiritual poem the multitudes are brought together in shared purpose and in so doing all excuses and justifications are removed. The violence and disregard, the hierarchy and the privilege, the pain and the suffering, all end as we finally realize and remember that we are members of the same glorious Family of Spirit. 

After writing this book length poem I went on to write other poems, like Reed, or Shambhala Warriors, or The Redemption. A couple of poems are just for fun, but most have deeper spiritual significance. Indeed, some poems are “messages” for this time and this place, in the sense that William Blake speaks of the messages in his poems. It would be possible, I suppose, to write out the messages of these poems in prose form, but then not everybody is ready to hear, nor, even still, are all people inclined to be concerned. I would not bother those who are not ready. Let them live their lives as they see fit, hopefully hurting only themselves from this point forward. For the rest, the messages are here when you are ready. Just follow your intuition and read that which you are guided to read.

My poems are all listed below, along with a short introductory comments. I add to these poems as the spirit moves me. Feel free to share these poems around, or to republish them in your online or print magazine.  If you use a poem for you own personal profit, make a donation through Paypal ([email protected]) and let me know what you’re doing with it. If you’re just sharing, its all free.

I Am Michael Sharp

Welcome Home.

My Spiritual Poems


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