As above in consciousness, so below in matter

God Light

God’s not real. I can steal. I can prance, steal the dance. Cause much woe ‘cause don’t you know? Random numbers drive the Show. Sheep entranced? Satan’s dance! Snort and chort’ while pipers prance. Make a ladder on their backs. Climb it high till whole world cracks....

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About to fall

About to fall, about to fall, the paraments about to fall And fancy bangles on the wall and systems that hold us in thrall. About to fall, about to fall, no more to screw us to the wall. I say this to the dark cabal, the floor around you 'bout to fall. And...

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Christmas Wishes 2018

Old world, old world, go away. Don't come back another day. Take your ugly monochrome And leave the people all alone. Old world, old word, this I pray, That you will heed these words I say. For long past final warning this. If you don't change, you'll miss the bliss....

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The Leap

It's time to take their toys away It's time to kill the NRA It's time to end the global fray It's time to sing and whistle, hey. It's time to open crusted eyes, It's time to stand up to their lies, It's time to take their baby toys, And stop their silly, raucous,...

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Divine World Finally Appear

As burning Earth turns 'round the sun, The end-times conflict has finally begun. Still the players puke devious lies, While the little kids suffer and die. And I know that they think they'll win. I can see it in their callous grins. But I also see fire in the eyes, Of...

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Your Light

I look at the world and I see today, a foul cauldron, a putrid tar pit. Old white men in congress, a planet of wrongness. I wonder if we'll survive it. It's making me sick watching unfit hypocrites spit on females and all that's not white. So proclaim I,...

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The Great Awakening

Gets you started on the
right path back home

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