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Triumph of Spirit Archetype System | Michael Sharp

Triumph of Spirit Archetype System

The Triumph of Spirit Archetype System (TOSAS) is a New Energy Archetype System that provides a new energy Creation Template that can assist you with Flow Purification, Flow Control, awakening, activation, and ascension. The TOSAS is introduced in Lightning Path Workbook Four: Archetype Study. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here, be sure to read the Lightning Path Workbooks volumes one through four, available for free download on the LP website. The first three workbooks provide foundational and grounding information. The fourth workbook discusses the TOSAS in more detail, and provides guidance on the important connection practices of flow purification and flow control.

This web page is an online presentation of all the New Energy Archetypes introduced in Lightning Path Workbook Four: Archetype Study. If you have not read Lightning Path Workbook Four: Archetype Study, you will have a hard time wrapping your head around the full import of these new energy archetypes. So, for the final time, make sure you read the basic level LP Workbooks before proceeding on this page.

Note, it is best to view this page on a desktop computer with a window open wide enough to see three cards across.

You can purchase a print version of the archetype cards by following this link. The commercial package includes a supplementary booklet, which you can download for free by following this link.

New Energy Narrative

You are a joyful and powerful master of creation. You are a lightworker, incarnated on this world to complete the Great Work so we can graduate and join with the planets. You are a star, but you have sacrificed much. Long have you waited for this call. Now, as you prepare for passage, remember the promise. No matter who you may be, no matter what you have done, we all deserve a rebirth. With inclusion and supportive environments in mind, initiate the process. Emancipate your mind. Activate your body. Gather your strength. Align with your true Self. realize the truths of this world. To move forward, remember this key; A balance of force and formation (and NOT a balance of good versus evil) brings reconnection. The Triumph of Spirit is nigh. Victory now comes to this world.

Joyful archetype card from the TOSAS


You are not a fool in school, you are a joyful and powerful master of creation.
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It’s time to reject the Big Lie and take your power back.
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Heal, connect, and embrace the Joyful and Powerful Master within.
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You are a spark of God’s light, a Lightworker descended, come to complete the Great Work.
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Your purpose for existence, your reason for incarnating in a body, is to uplift the World and complete the Great Work.
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Your final goal, our collective destination, is graduation and entry in galactic federation.
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When undamaged, aligned, and fully connected, you are a conduit for GOD Consciousness
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While working on the Divine Plan, you descend into the darkness of disconnection.
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The Calling

Now that The Plan nears completion, it is time time to respond to the Calling. Awaken, activate, and return.
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As you respond to the Calling, you must prepare for passage. Remember, there is no compromising with your Highest Self.
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The Promise

To be sure, you have done bad things. We all have. Don’t deny this. Instead, remember The Promise.
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The first step forward is an intellectual and moral rebirth. As you connect, put aside judgment. Embrace and value all life.
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Initiation begins the process of healing and reconnection. Old energy archetypes form the muck out of which you must arise.
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Flow purification and flow control lead to emancipation of the mind. New energy archetypes empower and uplift.
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The work you do to emancipate and align eventually leads to temporary activation. Embrace the energy in your system.
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Strength is not to be found in domination and control over others, or of Self, but in compassionate, empathic service to The Great Work.
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They key to individual spiritual progress, collective enlightenment, and GRADUATION is alignment. But, you’ll need true strength to move forward from here.
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Realization is the fruit of Healing and Connection. Realization is the root of emancipation. Realization is the precursor to global graduation.
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Formation represents the archetypes that guide manifestation. New energy archetypes and wil move you forward.
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To properly connect, you need to use FORCE and FORMATION in balance. Force represents the raw will behind creation.
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Permanent connection can only be achieved when we are aligned and when our Bodily Ego is healthy and in balance.
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The glorious Triumph of Spirit in the body AND the Body. The body on its way to full connection. Earth on her way to graduation.
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