A new level

There’s a new level of Consciousness, rising in this world. You can see it in the children as it “quietly” unfurls. You can see it in the ones who dance among with gentle hand. You can see it all across this funny, silly, little, land.

And I’ll tell you this right now, its nothing like you’ve ever learned. It’s powerful and bright and scares Greeb Grommels to the bone. And when they see it rise they’ll huff and puff and stab at you. But its because they’re scared of what their Churches said you’d do.

So deep inside this rhyme, I want to say this now to you. They’re hurt and scared and damaged; this is what have you do. Don’t let them go on hurting, take away their popgun toys. Show them naught but love, and slowly lead them back to joy.

Easter 2018

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