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About Michael Sharp

Science + Spirit = Truth

Who is Michael Sharp? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat down with this question and tried to figure it out. Nothing I’ve ever said trying to explain who I am has ever been fully satisfying. Why? I think it is because everything I’ve ever said is always a limitation. I could say I’m a sociologist, but I’m also a father of four. I could say I’m a mystic, but I’m also a husband and lover. I could say that I’ve fought mightily for the truth, but I’ve also struggled with delusion and addiction. I could say I’m a messenger, but then these days aren’t we all.

So who am I? Tough question! Let’s just say what the Mayans say and say In L’akech or “I am another you.” I am, like you, another dazzling spark of consciousness. I am, like you, another brilliant sparkle of the Divine. Sound ridiculous? That’s on you because I’m just saying what every other connected person has always said. I am saying that I, that “we,” are divine. I am Michael, I am divine, and I’m here to teach you the Truth, which is that you are too!  The only difference between you and me, heck the only difference between you and someone like Christ, or Buddha, or Pantanjali, is that I might be a little farther along in my realization and commitment than you, that’s all. But this difference will soon pass and when it does, you and I will stand together in shared and glorious divinity. And what a wonderful day that will be.


Until then I am Michael Sharp


Welcome home.

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