All mimsy were the borogroves, and sadly swam the air.
As  Vorpal blade came snacking, trailing famsy Bander’s fail.
And in the morning yarrow was the feckless crowd warned fair.
But dimmed and daily waggled, they ignore prophetic tale.

And daily wind and rain and violence grew the rankled snatch.
And more the queries, drama grew, as fate imposed the latch.
And panic ‘neath the surface began to birth a Beast anew.
And Jaberwock came snapping, apocalypse is what we view.

And the magazines raise questions, and the “prophets” prowl about,
And the pedophiles spin spider’s web, and politicians spout,
And another violent shooting ends the life of kids we knew.
And the soldiers march ‘neath Satan’s arch brings another bloody coup.

And rage and fear and sorrow begin to bubble from the depths.
And chaos spreads his boney wings, and you’re put to the test.
It’s a choice ‘tween love and hatred, a choice now ‘tween life, and death.
A choice between selfish silence or acceptance of the quest.

And let’s be clear, control your fear, please don’t delude the Self.
The time is near, the end is here, you can see it for your self.
A choice you make ‘tween right and wrong is what will save the day.
But in the end, I have to say, the innocents will pay.

It’s the children wearing bullets, the children facing down the storm,
The children crying with extruded belly,  working fingers to the bone.
The children raped by friend and family, or by trusted Church’s brand.
It’s the children that will suffer, if you stay Creator’s hand.

So make your choice, then raise your voice, and let the world rejoice.
For end is here, the time is near, and nothing stays the course.
The line is drawn, the arm is strong, that wields the angel’s sword.
We will not fail, will not forbear, to ring Creation’s chord.

Michael Sharp

The Great Awakening

Getting you started on the
right path back home

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