Dance a song let children throng, the cat was on my lap.
All wonder filled as glorious build new Eden without nap.
I sing a song, we dance along, as madness fills their air,
For ‘for too long the old world gone and God descends The Stair.

But here to you, I speak this clue. Important you’re aware
That when the old world goes, you know, you’d better find a stair.
Cause if you don’t, you’ll sink in moat, and what you think we’ll do?
Go down with you? I think not Boo… So drink this bubbling brew.

And if your heart is thumping and your spine is tingling too,
Then listen to this chime a rhyme. That bell? It tolls for tu.
Says ding a ling, please hear the ping. Ring ring! Are you aware?
Then ding a dong! Well, come along. There isn’t time to spare.

Michael Sharp

The Great Awakening

Getting you started on the
right path back home

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