Did you know?TM, I recently watched an episode of the Vice series called Weediquete entitled Stoned Kids (view here). That episode showed how “hallucinogenic” cannabis was being used to treat serious illnesses, like cancer, with remarkable success. It is great to see information finally getting out, because that is exactly what Cannabis is, medicine. Cannabis is Gaia’s healing gift to all her damaged children.

It is true. Cannabis is medicine and at this point even scientists (who, as Kuhn pointed out can be some of the most ridgidly conservative thinkers on the planet) can no longer deny it.I would even go out on a limb at this point and say Cannabis is the most powerful medicine on Earth! It is certainly starting to look that way anyway. The research that is coming out is startling. Cannabis cures everything from seizures to depression, cancer to obsession. Which is why I’m telling my teenage kids that if they are going to try it, and I surely hope they do, they should smoke that shit with me first.

You need to realize and respect the fact that cannabis is the most powerful medicine on the planet.

Why? For two reasons. Reason one, cannabis is a powerful medicine, and even cure. If someone you love is sick then you have a moral duty to at least make them aware of the option. Reason two, that shit can be dangerous and you need to treat it with respect. Part of that respect involves teaching people to use it properly, and that means not letting your kids learn about it at some psychopathic teenage party.

Seriously. The last thing you want your kids to be doing is smoking pot around other kids their age because other kids their age are often already indoctrinated and thouroughly traumatized by the emotional, psychological, spiritual (and sometimes physical) beatings so man  of us get at home, at school, and in the playgrounds.


Given the violent childhood experiences most children face, who knows what kind of toxic shit show you could be sending your kids into. It is important to realize this. At lot of adults are terrified of even the idea of getting high precisely because it was misused when they were teenagers.  And it is not just innocent, toxic, misuse. You also have to also realize, cannabis can be weaponized. And don’t kid yourself, there are yet many psychopaths out there who skillfully use cannabis as a weapon of individual and mass psychological destruction These people have no trouble targeting you children. So be warned and be aware. And, if you want my advice, be proactive about this. Teach your kids the truth about Cannabis. If you are too inexperienced, or too afraid, to smoke it with them (assuming it is legal in your area), at least teach them to respect it and warn them of the dangers. I want my kids to be healthy, and I want them to have access to this medicine as they grow, so I don’t want my kids to be afraid of it. If I tell them lies, or if  let them “discover” this medicine on their own without parental guidance, I risk their mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical health and their future ability to heal. Therefore, I want to make certain their first experiences with gift are the best that they can have. I mean, I love my kids. The last thing I want for them is to be misguided, confused, and afraid of the wonderous, glorious, life affirming uplifting, and healing gift of Gaia.