Comes the pale rider,
In service that’s grim.
Surprise! At your doorstep.
Knocks he to come in.

Says “time to come home dear.”
Say that “this is the way”
Says that “heaven is now near.
Says “God comes, holy day.”

Says “but there’ll be no more judgment.”
“There will be no more pain.”
“There’ll be no retribution.”
“In God’s holy name.”

“There’ll be dancing and laughter.”
“There’ll be children aglow.”
“And the sin’s of your fathers,”
“Will be purged as you grow.”

“But there’s no room violence.”
“There is no room for woe.”
“Must release all your anger.”
“Release greed, and the dough.”

“Or not, its your choice dear.”
“There’s no judgment you know.”
“Neither Hell nor Damnation,”
Interferes with your Flow.

But there’s no room for that here.
Not what God’s likes, you know.
So if that’s what you choose dear,
Say’s Pale rider, “Let’s Go”.

Michael Sharp

The Great Awakening

Getting you started on the
right path back home

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