The ladies smoked the whiskey, and the butler ate the wine
New york, that’s alright, but to keep it down more divine. April Wine

Crazy, crazy, crazy – the whole world’s going crazy. What are you going to do? Better start thinking about that now, because as we careen, seemingly out of control, to our upcoming utopian future of ancient predestination, it very may well get quite worse. I’m not talking WWIII, nuclear-holocaust-concentration-camp-future-Nazi-hate-filled-world-of-hellish-horror. I’m talking about the pandemic-spreading-market-crashing-chaos-and-bad-for-the-moneyed class sort of bad. The kind that we are seeing right now. The kind of thing that the tried and true methods of “interest cut” and “massive bailout” are only going, as noted in Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Money and the Economy, to make it all much worse. I’m not even sure a recovery is going to be possible this time. At this point, we might have entered the “perpetual crises” stage of the process, so to speak. But even if they, and by “they” I mean the people who own the means of production, do stave off the final crises this time, I’m pretty sure, this is the last time. The next time this happens, the System’s going down for the count, I’m pretty sure.

So should you be afraid? Honestly, there are three things to worry about, especially if you’ve got money in the stock market,  especially if you are an older person above sixty, and especially if your wealth is based on criminal activities of one sort or another, because the more money you got in stocks, the more you are going to lose; the older you are, the more lethal the COVID-19 profile is; the more wrapped up in criminal activity you’ve been, the harder is your fall going to be.

To be sure, this is bad, but like I said, mostly for the rich and ignorant. You, on the other hand,  shouldn’t worry so much about toilet paper no matter what the trolls are telling you, and you shouldn’t worry so much about food or water. Thanks to capitalism, the productive apparatus of this planet, the economy, the government, our industries, are all highly evolved and more than capable of dealing with whatever Gaia throws our way. When they are run by competent, ethical, and connected people who can see beyond the limited horizon of their own pathological drive for evermore power and wealth, these industries can provide high-quality food, shelter, transportation, safety, and care for the entire planet. Unless some pathological mad man gets his finger on “the button” and decides to use that button to save only his social class or his own butt (and I admit this appears like a distinct possibility), that productive capacity isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, when we stop wasting that capacity on manipulating the masses, bottled water, plastic foods, and other unethical, high-profit-margin but ecologically wasteful and destructive activities, our ability to feed and house people will be even more pronounced and fantastic.

So worry, a bit; but don’t freak out. I’m just saying, things are going to be rocky for the foreseeable future, starting right now; so, best be prepared for some earth quacking life-changing transformation. Depending on how developed the economic and administrative apparatus around you is, three or four days worth of food, three or four days worth of water, is really all you will need; and you might not even need that, after all. The old world is crumbling fast now and the old powers will very shortly fade away. No matter what anybody does to try to maintain it, very soon the ancient System that keeps us all in thrall, the system you see represented in the Golden Dawn tarot “Wheel of Fortune Card,”  will be once-and-for-all-and-forever, dead, buried, and gone, and that’s a good thing because when it is finally gone it will mean an end to pain and suffering for all beings on this planet. Even people who have done the most vile and horrible things to others will benefit, because once the shift is made, ain’t nobody going to be seeking revenge.

So don’t be afraid. Be smart. Be aware. Make sensible choices. Get lots of rest. If you have time, start your own garden or do something else uplifting and creative.  Most importantly, take some time in the next year to do some personal healing and connection practice. Trust me on this: your Highest Self will be happy you did.

If you are up to it, join me in this end times celebratory.

Or if you prefer a little rock and roll by one of my
Favourite Canadian bands April Wine

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