These forums are a place to explore and learn, at a very advanced level, the Lightning Path spirituality of Michael Sharp. If you’re just popping in of the Internet, you probably won’t get much from these forums. If your interest is tweaked and you want to learn more, visit the Lightning Path at this link.

Note, most of these forums are publicly readable; however, you must be a Lightning Path student to write and participate more fully.


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Authentic Spiritual ExplorationsLast post
FoundationsDiscussions and greater information for people who have read the foundation materials1 Topic · 2 PostsLast post in Going Vegan by aim, 8 months ago
IntermediateDiscussions and additional information for people who have read the intermediate level materials1 Topic · 2 PostsLast post in Creation Templates - La Belle Vert … by aim, 8 months ago
Advanced Readings and DiscussionsDiscussions and additional information for people who have read the advanced materials2 Topics · 4 PostsLast post in Evidence of positive global transf … by Michael.S8 months ago
Sanskrit for seekers6 Topics · 8 PostsLast post in Five sentences a day by Michael.S8 months ago

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