For those about to sacrifice,
For those about to cry.
For those not meek like mighty mouse,
For those about to die.

For those about to say goodbye.
For those we’ll sigh and cry.
And raise our hands up to the sky.
And tell the angels fly!

And scream and yell and pull our hair,
And jump and wail and moan.
And slap them maybe one more time,
Scream “wake up and come home.”

But Lama says that he’s the last!
Signals he the end of time!
And  the signs, they speed by very fast!
But still, the children die.

And at this thought doth anger rise,
It’s a challenge don’t you know,
To stem the might of Godly wrath,
At the violence children know.

So I’ll say it final time my friend,
Before the Light inside you flies,
There’s more to life than greed and strife,
There’s so much more inside.

Michael Sharp

The Great Awakening

Getting you started on the
right path back home

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