God’s not real. I can steal.
I can prance, steal the dance.
Cause much woe ‘cause don’t you know?
Random numbers drive the Show.

Sheep entranced? Satan’s dance!
Snort and chort’ while pipers prance.
Make a ladder on their backs.
Climb it high till whole world cracks.

Spin around as children do.
Twist the planet all askew.
Scream-rape- kill and misconstrue.
Dismiss this all as human zoo.

But sigh and sigh and cry and cry.
And boo hoo hoo as old world dies.
And high or low, now you shall know
This wasn’t just a random show.

Now I’d say more but, what’s the point.
The lines are drawn, you’ve made your choice.
There’s no time left now, don’t you know.
So… Sit you back; watch God Light grow.


Michael Sharp

The Great Awakening

Getting you started on the
right path back home

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