Big people in high golden towers,
Prance and dance and drunk with power.
Twirl and whirl as lives devour
Stinking core their heart is sour.

Talk and chatter, hawkish laughter,
Serve flesh and bone on silver platter.
Have no respect for life on earth
Put cash and graft and profit first.

And listen not to people’s cry
And turn blind eye as children die.
Their soul inside screams “how” and “why”
This can’t go on, the end is nigh.

But light and thunder in the sky
Announces birth of God most high.
And in your mind a spark, a flash
A recognition comes at last.

A gleaming diamond deep inside,
A world that’s well prepared for ride.

So listen now, this poem is done.
And old world will now be undone.
Unstoppable new energy tide
From God’s bright Light, nowhere to hide.

Michael Sharp

The Great Awakening

Getting you started on the
right path back home

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