It is an established fact of human development that there are sensitive periods during which the human is more susceptible to damage caused by stress.  Indeed, it is a well established biological fact that stress messes all life forms up. Even worms are susceptible. I have written articles on Toxic Socialization pointing to the just how profound the psychological, neurological, and emotional damage can be.

This morning I was thinking about "sensitive periods" and I realized, when it comes to emotional and psychological development and maturation, adolescence is a sensitive period.

Seems obvious enough.

Then I thought about this documentary on Kurt Cobain we are watching, Montage of Heck, and how awful his childhood and adolescence was, and how he spiralled into self-destruction as a result.  Then I thought about what happened to me as a child, and what happened to my own children in school, and I was horrified. In the west, probably everywhere on the planet where Capitalism has taken hold, just when our kids begin to enter the adolescent sensitive periods, which may extend until the early thirties, we throw them into a toxic school system where they experience bullying, violence,  sexual assault, and even rape. One study I read found that half of the teenage girls in Canada had experienced some form of sexual assault by the age of twenty. And this is just sexual assault. This doesn't include all other forms of violence and stresses our sensitive adolescents face when we throw them into schools. My daughter had metal swings intentionally aimed at her head by children who were already exhibiting signs of profound emotional trauma, in grade four! By grade five, she was meeting children who were cutting and clinically diagnosed depressive! Our kids are homeschooled now, but I can imagine what it would be like with all the smartphone and social media technology for them today. I shudder to think about the damage that is being done.

When you combine the damage incurred in toxic homes, schools, and, eventually, work environments, you begin to realize just how profound the damage can be, how it can accumulate within us over time, how it can disconnect and damage us, and how ugly it can make us at the end. I sure don't regret pulling my kids out of school, and I'm not worried if they don't start their careers until a bit later on. As a parent who wants their children to grow up healthy and undamaged, and as a spiritual teacher interested in preserving their ability to enlighten and connect, it is definitely the right thing to do.

As for the rest of the world, my intent is that it changes right away. I don't want incremental change. I don't want another generation to grow up damaged and impaired. I want all the anger, hatred, violence, toxicity, manipulation, and control to go away right now. I want the world to change right now. I use the Great Invocation visualization to help make it so. I hope you do to because I know that when enough of us make the right choice, the old energies will dissipate and the old world will simply go right away.

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