I AM/WE ARE your higher self,
And you welcome me this day,
How you missed me, did you pray,
While you battled night and day,
And you claimed a sacred night
Would keep all of you in plight,
Never recognize I AM
And that WE ARE hand in hand

So I watched sadly as you flailed,
In your fear and bondage pail,
And the ice around you failed,
Breath away from you did sail.

You are a shadow of my heart.
Don’t you see that we are one,
Foolish child we are not done.

And with my gentle touch caress,
You follow home ever steadfast.
And I watch and dream and say,
Surely soon will come a day.

When both you and I shall shout
I AM/WE WE ARE no other part.
And our time has just begun,
Let us prance across the sun,

And like a flash from Thunder’s hand,
The day has come, the time at hand.
When both you and I do say,
Now’s the time, here is the day.

And The Veil before my eyes,
Doth no longer hide our sighs.
And our smile does grandly say,

And as all of you awake,
Those before you stand and wait,
And with a sweetness that is true,
Say Welcome Home, this birth is you

And as gasp leaps from your lips,
And your heart doth do a flip,
We smile and share this cosmic lark,
I AM/WE ARE, dispels the dark.

Michael Sharp

The Great Awakening

Getting you started on the
right path back home

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