I see the world as it is today,
I see the world, and I do not pray.
For I fear that was come today,
Has come again to ruin our day.

And I watch as anchors, CNN,
And Fox and all their right wing friends,
Act out a sitcom before me.
Act out “the Play” of first degree.

And I ask myself, as the waters churn,
And the ice caps melt, and Gaia burns,
I ask myself, will they come to see,
Or blind will their eyes be to Thee?

And I know the answer, true the test.
They have no choice, this time we’re blessed.
Can be quite painless, don’t you see?
If you recite this, two times three.

I wish to wake.
I wish to see.
I wish to embrace Glory be.
I wish to end all bitter woe.
I wish that all return to Flow.

Michael Sharp

The Great Awakening

Getting you started on the
right path back home

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