if hackers controlled the ‘verse

Guys would be well endowed
Girls would walk tall and proud.

People would die each day,
But rise like a lump of clay.

We’d all have a power, you see,
We’d all fight for good and be free.

We’d all bring the system to ground.
We’d all wear a glorious crown.

We wouldn’t let physics I bet,
Leave us with unpaid inertial debt.

And we’d keep darkness always at bay,
And we’d let magic rule the whole day.

And we’d create like the God’s that we are.
And we’d take us much farther by far.

We’d all travel to fabled far land,
That was promised when bolt flashed from hand.

Yes if hackers controlled the ‘verse
We would lift that pathetic age curse.

We would fill you with sight and with sound,
We would bring all the glorious down.

We would end all imbalance its true.
And with laughter bring colourful hue.

All the evil we’d surely reverse.
And we’d never find ‘rhyme to coerce.

Yes if hackers controlled the ‘verse
We would quickly find way to disburse.

All the light and prosperity found.
If we hackers controlled the ‘verse.

The Great Awakening

Getting you started on the
right path back home

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