Intermediate Spiritual Teachings

These teachings are modeled on the Upanishads. If you are interested, you can read more about the pedagogy of the Upanishads by reading this article.

Forums for questions and discussions of these teachings are provided.

To access these teachings, you must purchase a one-year access pass for this site. Current LP students already have access. Use your LP site credentials to login to this site.

Preliminary Notes

  1. On Spiritual Advancement and the Causes of Spiritual Failurelock_open


Preliminary Information

  1. Nature and Basic Function of the Seven Chakras
  2. The Physical Unit, the Chakras, and the Seven Essential Needs
  3. Reopening Damaged Chakras – Preliminary Guidance
  4. Reopening Damaged Chakras – Self Care

Post questionsQuestion and answer forum

Crown Chakra

  1. Crown Chakra
  2. Stress and the Crown Chakra

[Third] Eye Chakra


  1. The Great Invocation (comprehensive and powerful chakra activation)

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