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Intermediate Spiritual Teachings | Michael Sharp

Intermediate Spiritual Teachings

These teachings are modeled on the Upanishads. If you are interested, you can read more about the pedagogy of the Upanishads by reading this article.These teachings teach Authentic Spirituality. For a discussion of what counts as authentic spirituality, read Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Authentic Spirituality.

Forums for questions and discussions of these teachings are provided.

Some of these teachings are free to access. These are clearly identified. To access more advanced teachings, you must purchase a one-year access pass for this site. Current LP students already have access. Use your LP site credentials to log in to this site.

Registered users can track their progress along the LP Stages of Awakening and Connection using our quiz system. You are considered an initiate once you pay your initiation fee and begin studying this work. You are considered an adept when you complete all Intermediate level quizzes with a score of 80% or higher. Don’t worry, you can take the quizzes as many times as you need.

Preliminary Notes

  1. The Nature and Goal of the Lightning Path
  2. Spiritual Practice – Its Nature and Goal
  3. The Benefits of Spiritual Practice
  4. On Spiritual Advancement and the Causes of Spiritual Failure
  5. Spiritual Advancement and Stages of Attainment
  6. On the Importance of Intent


Preliminary Information

  1. Your Body’s Energy System
  2. Toxic Socialization and Chakra Damage
  3. Reopening Damaged Chakras – Preliminary Guidance
  4. Reopening Damaged Chakras – Self Care and Support
  5. Nature and Basic Function of the Seven Chakras
  6. The Physical Unit, the Chakras, and the Seven Essential Needs

General Activation – The Great Invocation

  1. The Great Invocation – Theory

Crown Chakra

  1. Re-opening the Crown Chakra – Visualization
  2. Re-opening the Crown Chakra – Challenges – Wrong Thought – Parable of the Candle
  3. The Crown Chakra, Flow Control, Flow Purification
  4. Stress and the Crown Chakra
  5. Consciousness Quotient and the Water Glass Metaphor
  6. Progressive States of Bliss

[Third] Eye Chakra


  1. The Bliss of Connection