You know…
It ain’t going to be like the sixties
Where the sisters were holding hands,
And the brothers were wearing flowers,
And the hippies did not withstand.

No it ain’t going to be like the sixties,
When “the powers” they got control,
And the world sighed a bitter sadness,
As The System did kill our soul.

No, it’s going to be revolution,
From your head down to your toe,
As the depths that are inside you,
Reveal the power of your soul.

Yes, it will be a revolution,
But without the violent toll.
Just a magical mystical highness,
As we reach our final goal.

And if you’re listening to this message,
If you heed the piper’s call,
If you hear the bells a tolling,
Then mayhap prevent the fall.

But should you proceed from here as “normal,”
If you hear words, but thus let go.
Then there’s no more kind alliance,
That can save your mortal coil.

For it won’t be like the sixties,
The old world will not go on.
And a new world of brilliant diamond,
Will arise like a Crystal Dawn.

No, it won’t be like the sixties.
No, you can’t prevent the fall.
Because God will not be silenced,
In this final end-times call.

Michael Sharp

The Great Awakening

Getting you started on the
right path back home

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