1. The Crown chakra is at once the easiest and the most difficult to open. It is easy to activate with a simple visualization. Once reactivated, energy flows easily. However, as energy flows, awareness increases. As awareness increases, things that had once been obscured in darkness are revealed in the light of growing awareness.
  2. Re-opening the crown chakra can be challenging. When there is significant damage to the Physical Unit, it can also be dangerous. Therefore, caution should be exercised.

    Parable of the Candle

  3. To understand why opening the crown chakra may be dangerous, imagine a large room filled with up crumpled up pieces of paper.
  4. Imagine that in the middle of this room is a stool and on that stool is a sputtering candle. The room is filled up to the edge of the chair with crumpled up pieces of paper, and the candle flame is just about touching the piles of crumpled paper.
  5. The candle lights the room, but dimly. Consequently, it is hard to see what is on the crumpled paper. Under these dimly-lit conditions, you can see what is written on the paper, but only if you squint and focus carefully.
  6. Written on these crumpled pieces of paper are all the ideas your brain has absorbed as a consequence of your time here on Earth. Some of these ideas are personal (for example “I am male,” “I am white,” “I am dumb, “I am unworthy,” “I am a sinner”), some are religious (“Jesus is Lord,” “God is vengeful, “ Evil is real,” “The universe was created with a big bang,” etc.), some are political (“Socialism is bad, capitalism is Good”), and so on.
  7. These ideas come from different places, from parents, teachers, priests, friends, books, movies, etc.
  8. Some, perhaps only a few, of these ideas are empowering and emancipating. However, many of the ideas are suppressive and cause you to limit your self (boys shouldn’t be emotional, girls should only do certain jobs). Many of these ideas cause fear (God will punish you, you are a bad person and you will burn in hell). Many of these ideas undermine your self worth (you are a stupid reject from the Garden of Eden, you are a cosmic school child here to learn lessons or pay off karmic debt). Many of these ideas encourage unaligned actions (it is OK to hit others if they are bad, it is ok to exploit others to get rich, etc.).
  9. All this Wrong Thought surrounds you and influences your thinking and behaviour, but you are normally not aware.
  10. Now imagine that directly over the candle, about thirty feet above, is a domed ceiling. In the very middle of this domed ceiling is a large hole. This hole is currently closed but as you watch it, a metal mechanism slides and the hole opens. As the hole opens, pure oxygen begins to flow into the room.
  11. As oxygen flows into the room, you may have a Connection Experience. This experience may start out as a blissful, expansive experience of oneness, compassion, love, and union with God/Consciousness/Creation. This experience may be empowering and transformative.
  12. However, if you continue with your Connection Practice, eventually the oxygen pouring into the room reaches the flame. Fuelled by the rush of oxygen, the candle flame grows larger and brighter. As the candle flames grow brighter, the paper becomes more visible and it becomes easier to see all the inscribed ideas.
  13. Seeing all the ideas on the paper may not be a pleasant experience. This is because many of the ideas are very negative, fearful, and hate-filled. Some of these negative ideas may be directed at others, and some may be directed at your own self.
  14. Ideally, one would want to examine the newly visible ideas one at a time, carefully, and in a controlled fashion. Negative ideas that suppress and cause fear, negative ideas that encourage Wrong Action, negative ideas that diminish and disconnect could be analyzed and carefully dismissed and replaced. By the same token, positive ideas could be elevated and reinforced. This is Mental Control and it is an important part of Connection Practice.
  15. However, it happens that careful examination and cleanup of the room is not always possible. Sometimes oxygen enters the room too quickly. Sometimes, there are too many negative or destructive ideas. Sometimes, the papers catch fire and the whole room goes up in flame. When these things occur, you may experience a Nadir Experience or even a Connection Pathology like Flooding, Egoic Explosion, or even Egoic Collapse. In the worst cases, Spiritual Emergency 1 and even Connection Psychosis can occur.
  16. Usually, spiritual emergency and connection psychosis is temporary. One can usually expect a return to Normal Consciousness shortly after the Nadir Experience. However, in a very small number of cases, when damage to the Physical Unit is quite severe, psychosis may be permanent. For a classic example, see Schreber “Memoirs of my Nervous Illness” 2.
  17. Note that severe connection psychosis becomes permanent not because healing is impossible but because the individual often experiences profound Ego Inflation which causes them to presume they know everything. Thus they reject competent assistance and refuse to engage in Flow Control.
  18. Dealing with enhanced self-awareness, coping with a flood of formerly unconscious concepts and ideas, is not the only challenge we face when reopening the crown chakra. Another challenge we face is dealing with the bright and powerful light of our own Highest Self. We discuss this challenge in the next lesson.


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2Memoirs of My Nervous Illness (New York: NYRB Classics, 2000), https://amzn.to/2U8Se6Q. This book is an autobiography of an individual who had an extremely toxic childhood, whose Bodily Ego was damaged as a result, and who was unable to manage and control his connection as a result.

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