1. If we look around the world we will see that the vast majority of people do not understand human spirituality, are unaware of the reality, nature, and the importance of chakras, have no reasonable conception of Connection, and do not pursue Union or practice Connection. Instead, they live out their lives in various states of Misalignment and Disjuncture, suffering under the darkness and angst of disconnection and Normal Consciousness (i.e. low Consciousness Quotient (CQ)) until they die.
  2. As you gradually learn more about what Authentic Spirituality is and how to practice it, you will begin to question this state of affairs. Why do so few people step onto a spiritual path? Why do so few understand and practice connection? Of those that do practice some form of spirituality, why do so few of them make significant forward progress?
  3. The answer provided by most “spiritual” teachers is one that blames the individual, either by calling into question their past behaviour (real or imagined), by pointing to psychological/emotional flaws that prevent spiritual advancement, or by suggesting one needs to develop one’s soul before one can advance along The Path and complete The Work (i.e., achieving stronger connection). Typical things you might hear include…
    1. You did something bad and were ejected from the garden. As a consequence of your bad behaviour, you need to redeem yourselves to get back into heaven.
    2. You need to go through some “testing” in order to prove your worth.
    3. You need to be “forged in the fires of experience”
    4. You need to “build the temple” before you can make a connection.
    5. You have karma for past bad actions, and you have to pay that back.
    6. You have “personality problems” or “personality deficits” that prevent you from moving forward.
  4. Here on the Lightning Path, we take a different approach. Instead of assuming the individual was born broken (i.e. born with “original sin,” filled with personality problems), or that the soul is in need of tutelage or reform, we understand the soul to be perfectly formed already, that the individual soul incarnates in a body that is always born healthy and fully functional, with chakras fully activated and crown fully connected.
  5. We assume that if the Seven Essential Needs are met, the individual child will grow and develop emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. As the child grows, Consciousness will expand into the body and the individual’s expressive, empathic, and creative powers will gradually and persistently improve.
  6. When this does not occur, when essential needs are not met, the individual arrives in adulthood as a mentally and emotionally broken, spiritually ignorant and disconnected individual. When this happens, we understand the problem is not individual sin, individual deficit, or individual defect. We understand the problem is a System (call it The System) explicitly designed to undermine human potential and destroy human connection. The problem, in short, is a system of Toxic Socialization that neglects our essential needs and that directs damaging violence against us. As a consequence of Toxic Socialization, the Physical Unit (PU) becomes damaged and unable to properly connect.1
  7. Because of this, the core practice of human spirituality for the individual is not karmic restitution, efforts toward redemption, or “soul growth,” but healing from the damage caused by toxic socialization so that one can fully and permanently reconnect with one’s Spiritual Ego. Only by healing the damage can we, as individuals, make spiritual progress.
  8. Because of this, the core collective focus must be on transforming The System, because only when the system is transformed will the human species move beyond its current damaged and limited state.


From the TOSAS deck, showing the collective work of transforming the System to enable the full flowering of human potential


1For an overview of the type of damage that can result from Toxic Socialization, see Mike Sosteric, “Toxic Socialization,” 2016, https://www.academia.edu/25275338/Toxic_Socialization.

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