1. Intent is the conscious, mindful desire to act, to do something, to accomplish a task.
  2. Nothing gets done except that intent has preceded the action. If one wants to pick up a pen, intent is required. If one wants to build a house, intent is required.
  3. Intent is a critical component of all spiritual activity.
  4. If one wants to complete The Work of healing and reconnection, one must intend it to be so. Intending connection is known as Intent to Connect.
  5. No spiritual Awakening, no enlightening experience, no experience of Union occurs but that an Intent to Connect has been previously stated.
    1. The ancient spiritual teacher Zoroaster expressed a deep and firm desire to connect and communicate with God prior to his Connection Experiences (Dhalla 1938).
    2. The spiritual experience that cured Bill Wilson of his alcoholism, and that prompted him to create Alcoholics Anonymous, was initiated by an appeal for help from God (i.e., desire and the will to connect) (Alcoholics Anonymous 1984).
    3. Many other alcoholics reference intent (for help, for salvation, for connection) as precursor to Connection Events (Offord 2012).
    4. Shamanic practitioners single their intent to connect by appealing to the spirits/their ancestors for guidance and assistance (Harner 2013).
    5. St. Teresa of Avila speaks of the importance of intent, but in a Christian context, using the concept of a Christian God as a focal point for intent. “When you approach God, then, try to think and realize Whom you are about to address and continue to do so while you are addressing Him.” (St. Teresa of Avila 2012:78)
    6. For more documentary examples, see the Intent to Connect SpiritWiki entry.
  6. To express your intent to move forward towards Healing and Connection, simply repeat a Connection Affirmation or an Awakening Affirmation. I recommend the following affirmation.

I wish to wake up. I wish consciousness to descend into the vessel that is my body. I wish to gain enlightenment. I wish to empower. I wish to move forward as fast and as safely as possible. I wish to achieve union with my Highest Self. I wish access to only that information that is for the highest good of all living beings.


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