[Reopening Damaged Chakras – Self Care, Environment, and Support

  1. The Crown Chakra is associated with your brain and Central Nervous System (CNS). Energies from the crown chakra support development of the brain and CNS.
  2. Proper development of the Crown Chakra, the brain, and CNS, requires the satisfaction of all Seven Essential Needs.
    1. One must be properly fed, safe, and free of stress to ensure proper biological development.
    2. One must be safe, secure, included in the group, and loved to ensure proper development of the Bodily Ego.
    3. One must be provided with truth in order to develop trust and enable eventual grounding.
    4. One must properly align with Highest Self to ensure pure and free energy flow.
    5. One must be supported in one’s efforts to align and Connect with Highest Selfconnect, otherwise long term atrophy of the crown sets in.
  3. Healthy flow from the crown chakra is critical. Without healthy flow, the physical correlates of the crown chakra, the brain and CNS, atrophy and eventually sicken.
  4. All chakras are open at birth. They become constricted and corrupted as a consequence of Toxic Socialization, i.e,. violence, neglect, chaos, and indoctrination in the domestic and public life.
  5. To reopen and enhance flow from your crown chakra, visualize gushers of sparkling white energy streaming down in copious blasts of blazing white energy into your skull and brain from the sky above you. Visualize that sparkling energy enlivening and expanding your brain. Visualize it spreading out throughout the CNS. See it travel down your nerve pathways into your finger tips and toes. See it descend down your spin, streaming out of your mouth, flowing into and then out of your heart, expanding into your stomach and genital regions, and finally reaching the bottom of your body. Visualize the crown energy piercing your root, see it descending into the ground.
  6. You can practice this visualization seating or lying down, on a bus, in a quiet room, or even waiting in your vehicle. For best effect, practice this visualization multiple times a day.
  7. You can enhance the effectiveness of the visualization by engaging in various Connection Practices, like shamanic drumming, Breath Work, Fasting, Yoga, Zazen, and so on.

Next Lesson – Re-opening the Crown Chakra – Dealing with the Flow from The Fabric.

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