1. We are all, by nature, spiritual beings. When we are born, our Spiritual Ego incarnates in developing Physical Unit and this incarnation animates the life of the body.
  2. Under healthy conditions, under conditions where your Seven Essential Needs are met, you would grow up strong, healthy, and with an increasingly Connected Bodily Ego.
  3. Unfortunately, we do not live on a healthy planet. We live on a planet of violence, exploitation, and woe, where our needs are not met and where we are exposed to various forms of sexual, emotional, and financial assault and exploitation by parents, relatives, friends, co-workers, and employers. These experiences, which we all have, are summarized under the rubric of Toxic Socialization.
  4. The experience of Toxic Socialization damages the bodily ego and undermines and diminishes our ability to properly connect. While experiencing toxic socialization, we  fail to learn the truth about Authentic Spirituality, we are taught/and encouraged to think with Wrong Thought, act with Wrong Action, and Wrong Environment. This damages us even more and pushes the bodily ego far out of Alignment with the spiritual ego.
  5. In the worst cases, Maladaptive Adaptations (otherwise known as “mental illness”), Ego Dysfunction, and Connection Pathology can result.1
  6. Because of all this, and as outlined in the LP’s Basic Curriculum (LP Workbooks One through Three, available at http://www.lightningpath.org), spiritual practice is a process of healing from the damage caused by Toxic Socialization, awakening to the truth and to reality hidden from us), becoming accountability and properly atoning (for past actions), re-alignment with your Highest Self, re-activation of your body’s energy systems (i.e. Chakras), and finally ascension, or re-Connection.
  7. Although this complicated process can be understood and facilitated by a well-constructed Connection Framework (like the LP Connection Framework), it is still a lot of work and effort. In order to track changes and help motivate you forward, the LP conceptualizes five Stages of Attainment. These are
    1. Novice – One who has begun to question.
    2. Initiate – One who has begun to purify.
    3. Adept – One who has begun to understand.
    4. Master – One who has begun to know, particularly through direct and pure Connection Experience.
    5. Avatar – One who has begun to teach.
  8. You are considered a novice when you have begun to question the atheist or spiritual truths taught to you as a child and young adult. Questioning is often initiated by a general feeling of spiritual or existential malaise, or an actual Connection Experience.
  9. You are considered an initiate when you have begun to
    1. purify your thoughts, actions, and environments (i.e. when you begin to establish Right Thought, Right Action, and Right Environment) ,
    2. practice Connection
  10. Registration on this site, or the LP site, elevates you to the status of LP Initiate.
  11. You are considered an adept when you have begun to understand Human Spirituality and what it means to you. On the LP, you reach the status of adept when you complete all available quizzes for all LP [/wiki]Lightning Rods[/wiki].
  12. You are considered a Master when you begin to draw primary inspiration and direction from a strong and pure Connection to your Highest Self.
  13. You are considered an avatar when you begin to use your spiritual training and expertise to help others heal and connect.


1For an overview of the type of damage that can result from Toxic Socialization, see Mike Sosteric, “Toxic Socialization,” 2016, https://www.academia.edu/25275338/Toxic_Socialization.

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