I have been gradually led to believe that the old stories must be taken literally if at all possible, that deep secrets and a deeper awareness of the complexity of our universe was experienced by our ancestors , and that something of their belief, and experiences can be ours once again….As I have gained knowledge and seen others share their visions with me, I conclude that our ancestors lived in a strange condition in which they were in touch with the spirits constantly, and I see that as a goal for our present activities. Vine Deloria Jr. God is Red: A Native View of Religion1
  1. What is the point of human spirituality? What is the point of spiritual practice? Despite ubiquitous confusion and misdirection, the answer to this question is quite simple. The goal of spiritual practice is not karmic cleansing, or redemption from sin or even learning your cosmic lessons (though it is certainly true that we must all work to achieve perfect Alignment). The goal of spiritual practice is to develop a Physical Unit, a physical body, capable of attaining and maintaining and strong and persistent Connection to your own Highest Self.2
  2. In order to attain and maintain a strong connection to your Highest Self, you must engage in some form of regular (preferably daily) Connection Practice.
  3. Your connection practice should always include visualization, affirmation, and mindfulness exercises. There are many ways to engage in connection practice and you will learn some of them as you progress through these teachings. You will also learn visualizations and affirmations. Preliminary connection advice is provided in LP Workbook Three: Connection
  4. Note that in order to attain and maintain a strong connection to Consciousness, you need a healthy physical mind and a healthy and undamaged Bodily Ego.
  5. Unfortunately, most people have experienced some form of emotional, psychological or physical violence, what we call Toxic Socialization, and so most people have a damaged bodily ego.
  6. For reasons we will explore later, a damaged bodily ego has difficulty attaining and maintaining a pure and persistent connection. As a consequence, a key component of spiritual practice for all individuals is psychological and emotional healing. In order to attain and maintain a strong connection, you must heal your mind and bodily ego.3
  7. Note that the damage to the bodily ego caused by Toxic Socialization may be severe 4. For this reason, extensive healing work may be required. Preliminary guidance on how to approach your healing journey is provided in LP Workbook Two: Healing.


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