1. Consciousness is awareness pure and simple. ○
  2. As explained in The Book of Light, in original form before The Unfolding, Consciousness was aware only of pure bliss, because bliss was the only thing to be aware of.
  3. Over the course of an eternity, however, bliss becomes boring. Boredom triggers as an Intensification of Consciousness and, like a pearl in an oyster formed around the irritation caused by a spec of sand, Consciousness coagulates and intensifies around the irritation of boredom. ⊙
  4. We call this intensified pearl of Consciousness a Monadic Consciousness, Monadic Intensification, or just plain Spiritual Ego.
  5. An intensified monad of Consciousness, a Spiritual Ego, develops fro the irritation. The Spiritual ego consists of four things (⨁ or ⧇),
    1. Generalized awareness (the original state of bliss)
    2. Self-awareness (I am),
    3. Perspective (I see),
    4. Imagination (I think) and
    5. Will (I create).
  6. Self-awareness is the simple sense that I am I.
  7. Perspective is simply angle of view. Imagine four people standing at different corners of a field. Their location gives each of them a different perspective.
  8. Will is the desire to alleviate boredom.
  9. Imagination is what channels and forms the force of will. (see force and formation.
  10. We call the original intensification in Consciousness Spiritual Ego to distinguish it from the Bodily Ego that emerges the neurology of the Physical Unit.
  11. Note that the evolution from simple awareness of bliss to the irritation of boredom to the birth of the spiritual ego can be symbolized as follows. The plain circle is simple awareness, the dot is the irritant boredom, and the crosses represent the ego that forms from the boredom.

○ ⊙ ⨁
○ ⊙ ⧇


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