1. The System (a.k.a. the Regime of Accumulation, Mode of Exploitation is a system of of political/economic/military power designed to enable the sexual, economic, emotional, and gender based Exploitation of others.
  2. The System itself consists of a
    1. Exploitative Techniques
    2. Mechanisms of Force and
    3. Ideological Institutions1
  3. Mechanisms of Force and Ideological Institutions have been used to suppress Authentic Spirituality because authentic spirituality is a threat to The System and the people who benefit from it. People who pursue connection typically become healthier, more independent, more intelligent and insightful, and less likely to “fall into line” when required to do so.
  4. To deepen your understanding of the benefits of Connection, review “The Benefits of Spiritual Practice.”
  5. To deepen your understanding of The System, read the articles “Rethinking the Origins and Purpose of Religion2 and “Mystical Experience and Global Revolution.3 Both these articles point to the transformative potential of Authentic Spirituality and the threat that awakened and activated humans pose to the status quo.
  6. Also, read “Rocket Scientists Guide to Money and the Economy.”
  7. Also, watch the “What is Money” video series on YouTube.


1Ruyle originally proposed this scheme but did not refer to ideological institutions. Instead, he referred only to the Catholic Church as in institution tasked with controlling the minds of the population. Obviously, it is not just the Church that functions this way. Other institutions (Hollywood,l The Media, the K12 school system) also function to control the minds of the population. For this reason, we use the term “ideological institutions” to refer, in a more general way, to institutions tasked with indoctrinating individuals and enabling their exploitation. See Eugene E. Ruyle, “Mode of Production and Mode of Exploitation: The Mechanical and the Dialectical,” Dialectical Anthropology 1, no. 1 (1975): 7–23, https://doi.org/10.1007/bf00244565.

2Mike Sosteric, “Rethinking the Origins and Purpose of Religion: Jesus, Constantine, and the Containment of Global Revolution,” Athens Journal of Social Sciences, 2021, https://www.academia.edu/34970150/.

3Mike Sosteric, “Mystical Experience and Global Revolution,” Athens Journal of Social Sciences 5, no. 3 (2018): 235–55.

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