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The Q-anon trap | Michael Sharp

I’ve been watching the planet slowly awaken for about two decades now. The process is driven by individual awakenings where people, responding to a biological and spiritual drive to expand awareness (The Calling) begin to search around for the truth. With the establishment of a global Internet, responding to this Call became, for the first time ever, easy. Simply sit down, browse the Internet, and voila, instant global awakening.

On a planet not dominated by a toxic elite whose only concern is maintaining power and control, the establishment of an open planetary communication system would naturally and quickly lead to revolutionary change. The problem is, Earth is currently dominated by a global elite whose primary concern is maintaining the Capitalist system. Unfortunately, maintaining [wik]The System[/wiki] is a major challenge when the people of the world are waking up. It doesn’t matter how strong your military or police apparatus is; if seven billion people suddenly decide to kick you out of power, there’s not a lot you can do to stop them.

I should note, the past twenty years is not the only time there has been a planetary push to awaken. The same thing happened in the sixties, prior to WWII, and WWI. In these cases, the awakening was suppressed through violence, war, and counterintelligence activities designed to corrupt and divert an awakening population. The basic strategy is simple; when people start to search for answers, don’t give them answers that emphasize unity, oneness, our shared divinity, and our collective responsibility to all life on the planet, give them answers that confuse, divert, and create division. Doing this forestalls awakening with disinformation. It also undermines self-esteem and confidence in the whole awakening process. At some point, the people following the disinformation realize they’ve been manipulated. This leaves a bad taste and discourages them from future exploration. They settle into “normal” and stay that way for fear of being duped and made to seem foolish again.

You can see these counterintelligence operations clearly in the operation of the Q-anon network. This network, organized I suspect by high-level officials within the elite economic system, is designed specifically to divert an awakening population from realizing important truths, like we are all part of the same global family, and that modern governments provide a sham democracy. To be sure, there are differences between, say, Democrats and Republicans, Conservative and Liberals, but these differences are overshadowed by the fact that both parties support the Capitalist Regime of Accumulation. There is no real alternative to Capitalism on the table, and an awakened population would quickly realize this.

Ironically, these disinformation efforts have been accelerated by surveillance technologies and the activities of players like Cambridge Analytica who used Facebook data to target susceptible individuals. The campaigns are effective. While Q-supports are blathering on about how Trump is the saviour of humanity, Trump’s administration cages migrants, guts environmental protections, undermines worker’s rights, and transfers billions into the hands of wealthy elites through tax breaks and bailouts.

These disinformation campaigns are not new. They have been around for centuries, and their form is always the same. Target those who are awakening, confuse them, and direct them away from the truth. It is sad to think that these campaigns have always worked. Had they not, the people of planet Earth would have thrown off the shackles long ago. But, don’t lose hope. While the disinformation campaigns have been effective in the past, they will quickly lose their potency now. For the first time ever, the presence of these disinformation campaigns is obvious, and their purpose abundantly clear. This exposure seems like a win, but really it is a global learning opportunity. The masses will see this, and they will gradually come to understand the depth of the deception. As they do, they will innoculate themselves against further deception. This will make it harder and harder for elites to block progressive, planetary change. As the process progresses, awakening and change will accelerate and eventually, I think within the next decade or two, we’ll see significant progressive change. Actually, we already see significant change. Consider the progressive policies of New Zealand, or the growing global acceptance of Connection Supplements, or increasingly foregrounded calls for universal basic income and debt forgiveness. It’s really only a matter of time.

Of course, all this is to say, we aren’t out of the woods yet. As the elites have demonstrated in the past, they will reign nuclear death on people if it means maintaining their grip on power and privilege. Personally, I think the awakening has progressed too far for that sort of thing, but you will certainly see them whip division and beat the drums of war with increasing desperation as they try and turn back the tide. It’s not going to work though; in my view, the planet is now too connected, and the populations now too awake to make that sort of thing likely, at least on the scale needed to subvert the upcoming Graduation. It’s really just a matter of a decade, maybe two.

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