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What’s up on planet Earth | Michael Sharp

What you are seeing on this Earth is the final battle, foretold. What you are seeing is the elite’s last kick at the cat, so to speak. The “masters” who have ruled this world for over 10,000 years are panicked and increasingly desperate as they watch their power slip slowly away. And while we might want to dance and rejoice at the graduation ceremony just around the corner, caution needs to be exercised. Like a cornered animal afraid for its life, these men of power are frightened. Now, decades and centuries of corruption and financial, political, economic, and sexual abuse are on the dockets just waiting to be fully exposed. As Consciousness continues to rise, public ridicule, shame, and (temporary) incarceration await many who have served only lies.

But as yet, it is not time to rejoice. The masses are still remain dazed and confused.  What is worse, as they (democratic and republican, conservative and liberal alike) have repeatedly demonstrated over the centuries, they will stop short of nothing, not even genocide and nuclear holocaust, to preserve their power, their privilege, and their lives.  This is not a threat to be taken lightly and its occurrence remains a possibility, albeit with a very small probability. Still, there are other things they can do. They can sow chaos. They can start wars. They can punish the poor. They can wreak havoc on the planet. They don’t care. They will do anything and say anything to avoid the inevitable demise of their System. They will do anything to preserve their power, wealth, and privilege. They will do anything to avoid facing their “judgment” day. Not even a looming global ecological collapse will break their addiction to money and power and steer them from their violent end-times course. It should be clear to everybody at this point, they care about no one, not even their children, for they will ruin the entire planet just so they can stay top of the pile.

But, as they themselves are becoming increasingly aware, their time is short. Fistbumps aside, their delusions are rapidly crumbling and their resistance is becoming increasingly futile. Further resistance to authentic awakening, further rejection of appropriate atonement (and not the pathetic charade identified by Anand), further abuse of power, further attempts to retain control over the planet, and further opposition to the emerging Divine World Order, will make them sick and only their inevitable fall increasingly catastrophic. If they continue to resist, at some point in the not too distant future, their power systems and their economic systems and their secret systems and their slavery systems and even their bodily systems will begin a “catastrophic” and cascading collapse from which few will ever recover. It is not because they have not been warned. It is not because they are not aware of this misalignment. It is not because the path forward is not crystal clear. It is because the damage from generations of Toxic Socialization,  the addictions of money and power, and fear of their own callous systems of justice, are so deeply and genetically ingrained that they simply cannot make the right choice. As the Divine World Order finally descends upon this planet, they deserve our pity, our compassion, and our help.

The time frame to collective graduation remains about twenty years, a little shorter or longer perhaps, depending on upcoming events. Within five years, the mass healing that is already beginning to occur will become obvious to all those on the planet. This will be followed shortly upon by rapid activation and solid reconnection. The time for rejoicing is near. The time for mindful caution remains. Graduation and end-times celebration are as inevitable as the next breath you take. The only question now is, how much unnecessary suffering will they, will you, impose while you flail and grasp and struggle with your addictions, your damage, and your fear?


It is your time to awaken

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