So, Dec 21 2012 has come and gone and the world is still here, little changed.

No major global transformation, no fantastic global spiritual shift, no big alien landing, no Nesara, no utopia unfolding.In fact to the inquiring mind (and not the mind misled by spiritual fairy tales) it seems like exactly opposite. Greed, graft, and power politics still rule the day. Sex and violence dominates the media. Global war continues unabated. And there is more debt, more violence, and more mass murder then ever before. Even our children in their schools are no longer safe.

So, what’s going on really?

Is a global shift in consciousness truly happening?

Is a new divine world order of peace and prosperity really emerging?

Or, as the case may be, are we all being deluded, told a lie, and sold down the proverbial river?

Well, after the 2012 failure of instant global change, and the growing recognition that the foofaraw may have been the result of a bad mushroom trip by a blindfolded guru having an out of control cosmic grand mal,  a lot of formerly hopeful people are going to say no. They have been anticipating this event for a couple years, they purchased tickets to the concerts, they bought as much stock in the event as they could, and they are going to be sorely disappointed, maybe even depressed (especially if somebody drops a bomb in the Middle East next year). And if you ask me, that’s the whole point of the exercise, to make people depressed, to demotivate them, to disempower them, to make them feel stupid for believing the line, or having spiritual hope, or millennial fervor. It is a psychological black op and it would not be the first time it ran a successful course. A couple years ago some people were convinced that alien contact was just around the corner. Before that, a big hullabaloo about global transformation, dashed on the rocks of despair by the “shock and awe” entry into Iraq. Before that, Y2K. It seems every few years some end of the world scenario is trotted out to the waiting masses with the same result every time, global disappointment.

If you were locked down and tuned in you gotta be experiencing some major disappointment right about now. Not only that, but no doubt lots of questions get raised in your mind like “how could I be so gullible?” or “what was it all about?” or “why did so many people run with the agenda in such an uncritical and accepting way?” (read 2012 and the Great Cosmic Smackdown). I hazard to say that the psychological and emotional fall out might be bad enough that you will put this “foolishness” aside once and for all and just get back to work, work, working your butt off until you die. And that’s the point. Distract you, demotivate you, and get you back to work.

So, with the failure of yet another end-of-the-world/global transformation scenario can we ask, is there any hope or are we just in for more of the same old energy nonsense? Well, to be honest, that depends on you and the choice you make right now. You see, if you ask me, I think there’s big changes a foot. I think global transformation and an end to the old world is just around the corner. The next twenty years or so are going to be an amazing time of upheaval, change, and transformation…

But then again, maybe not.

You see, what happens next really depends on you. If you continue to get distracted by end-of-the-world black-ops, if you keep pinning your hopes on magical rays from the center of the galaxy, if you keep longing for alien landings, or listening to blindfolded gurus and taking their fantastical magical mushroom based lectures for divine wisdom, there is no hope because all that will lead to is growing global angst, depression, and violence. On the other hand, if you realize the truth of your divinity (as even Jesus pointed out), if you accept your role as Joyful and emPowered Lightworker, if you step onto an authentic path of awakening and empowerment, and if you lead the transformation first in your own life, and then into the world you, then yes this planet is in for a rocking good ride. But it really all comes down to you and the direction you take next.

Listen to the music of the mushrooms, rely on Galactic beams, depend on alien intervention


Go inside and find the light, Power, and divinity within you within you..

It is your responsibility and your choice.


I am Michael Sharp


Welcome home


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