Merry Christmas, Merry Xmas
Here comes a new year.
Where more violence and greed
Will bring children to tears.

And the parents will suffer,
Under yoke of despair.
While ascending gun anger,
Gives us all quite a scare.

And I know you were likely
Looking for some good cheer.
But the exodus wretched
Is just starting my dear.

First it’s hundred, then thousands,
And then billions I fear.
For the old world is ending,
New world not yet here.

And it will not be over
Until God has come near.
And your mind has expanded
And you’ve dropped shallow veneer.

And you put far behind you,
All the venal voodoo.
And you stand tall for truth sphere,
And you don’t misconstrue.

But until then my dear one,
It’s just gonna get worse.
It’s not Satanic poem verse,
Nor an unholy curse.

It’s your own childish resistance,
To the light that’s within.
It’s refusal to speak
‘gainst delusional sin.

It is that pain and deep suffering,
That you deny is within.
All the bad things you’ve done,
While you claim you don’t sin.

So I want you to listen,
Pull ear plugs and sit down.
For this message doth glisten
With a light shining down.

It’s a real simple matter,
Don’t want to die? Want to grow?
Then speak nothing but truth
And return to the Flow.

Michael Sharp

The Great Awakening

Getting you started on the
right path back home

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