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Michael Jackson started life as a fluffy pop star icon. His music was awesome, no doubt about that, but it was fluff early and masonic silliness (i.e. Thriller) later on. As he grew up, however, he woke up. As he woke up he became increasingly political, increasingly defiant of his Sony handlers, and increasingly dangerous to the PTB.  In this video, you hear him calling out Sony, warning them that he is soon to be a free agent, meaning presumably that he can write and produce whatever he wants. In the video, he mentions his song “Unbreakable,” which is a defiant “f-you” to the people trying to “get to him” to “stop him” from outing The System, which he eventually does in a very powerful way. In 1995, stepping fully into his power as a joyful master of his craft, he writes the powerful, subversive, and revolutionary Earth Song and They Don’t Really Care About Us. Both these songs are powerful invocations to global revolution and revolt.

I’ll speak more about They Don’t Really Care About Us in a future post. Here, I want to have a look at the video for Earthsong (song facts info). Earthsong is a powerful lamentation to the way the greed and hatred of The System is destroying the world. It is also a powerful spiritual message and call to arms. As you’ll see in a moment, this video made Michael a real danger to The System. His voice was too powerful and his message to clear and he was silenced to cut off his contribution to inciting global revolution.

Although officially Michael’s doctor was charged with involuntary manslaughter, Michael Jackson predicted he would be murdered (see also La Toya’s comments, and him expressing it in his own words here). In my view, it is very likely that Michael was murdered because he was too big, too powerful, and becoming too revolutionary. In his own words people, “not the government,… more than the government,” exploited weaknesses and arranged things to have him killed in an easily deniable sort of way.

It sounds outrageous perhaps, but you’ll see why this is a theory you might want to consider when you watch his Earth Song video and realize just how subversive it is. Watch and pay particular attention to what Michael is doing near the end when he stands between two trees and screams his lyrics in anger. Notice what he is happening to the earth and all the damage as he does this (if this video doesn’t show for you because of geographical restrictions, search for the official video on Youtube)

Michael Jackson’s Earth Song

More than the “Law” of Attraction

After having seen the video the question becomes, what is so subversive about it. The subversive message is contained in the spiritually sophisticated “will to transformation” on display in the video. This is not the impotent “mass market” Law of Attraction nonsense that has its followers standing by begging the universe for prosperity. This is the power of the joyful angry master on full display. If you look at the video near the end you clearly see Michael, with the power of light and lightning above, literally willing a reversal of the damage, destruction, and death caused by those sick people that exploit this Earth. Michael is taking on The System and forcing, with pure will, an act of global regeneration. He is not doing it alone of course. Standing with him are all the disenfranchised natives, refugees, and other victims of The System. With him are all the people on the earth who have suffered. Digging in, he positions himself as a powerful, magical, master. Leading the masses, he demonstrates the power of intent.

Michael Jackson as angry master

With the comments above in mind, with the idea that Michael is showing us how to “will” global transformation, watch the video from about the 3:50 mark. Notice what is happening. Michael is no shrinking violet in this video. Michael is no “fool in school.” Michael Jackson is an empowered and powerful master, literally changing reality. Nothing, not even the military, stands in the way of the power of collective will.

To be sure, the mastery on display here is performative, meaning that it is just on video and not in the real world. Nevertheless, it is extremely subversive because the video demonstrates clearly the power of monadic will and its profound impact on the world. Of course, you may dismiss this as spiritual mumbo jumbo if you want. But even putting aside the deep spiritual mastery on display, the video is still subversive, especially in the context of other powerful messages he was producing at the time (i.e. Man in the Mirror, Earth Song). Michael Jackson was no “savior” (we are all our own saviors), but he definitely had a voice, it was definitely powerful, and he definitely would have facilitated global change, had he survived to do his “This is it” tour.

The message in the video is clear. It is not enough to sit back and passively attract, you have to actively will it. If we all get down and will a transformation on the planet, things will inevitably change. There is deep spiritual, even esoteric, wisdom here, but not of the passive and impotent law of attraction kind, but of the active angry master kind. Michael Jackson’s Earth Song is a powerful invocation to the willful transformation of the world.

Exoteric versus esoteric spirituality

It is hard to underestimate just how subversive Michael’s message is. When it comes to spirituality and spiritual archetypes, the masses are taught to be spiritually passive. The masses pray for God to do things for them, or pray to the universe to try and attract what they want. Active will is something discouraged as inappropriate, even sinful. Never take an active role because that’s “God’s job.” Instead, old energy archetypes encourage to see ourselves as sinful, broken, or unformed. We are fools in school without the spiritual wisdom or authority to do anything. We sit back and let the universe unfold, because “it’s all good” and “God has a plan.”

The “fool in school” idea is formalized in the Masonic tarot, an, in particular, the Fool card.  I call the masonic tarot the Old Energy Archetype system. The fool card shows us as “fool’s in school, on a “fool’s journey” to learn life lessons. We are not here as active powerful creators, we are here as passive receptacles of divine planning and intervention, following a path set out by “God,” or the cosmos.

Triumph of Spirit Archetypes

As noted, the masonic Fool card is part of a “fool in school” archetypal constellation. What makes Michael so “dangerous” is he was clearly and unequivocally rejecting the Fool archetypes. He was, in fact, becoming fully realized within New Energy Archetypes like joyful, master, and power. He was the joyful and empowered master! He was speaking about a world united, and pointing in the direction of realization and emancipation, all of which are new energy archetypes.  He had just gotten started as well. If he hadn’t been subject to character assassination and finally physical assault, who knows how far he could have gone.

As you’ll notice below, we can speak clearly about Michael Jackson using the powerful new energy archetypes below.


Michael Jackson – The Joyful Empowered Master working on the World

Becoming the joyful master

Whether you feel yourself becoming the joyful or angry master, you need to move beyond the “fool in school” archetype. You need to reject old energy archetypes, replace them with new energy archetypes, and transform your mind and body. You can use Michael’s empowering videos to do that, but I also recommend using the Great Invocation video. The Great Invocation is a powerful, willful, global meditation designed to help us will a change in the world. Unfortunately, this video is simple and does not have the same artistic flair as a Michael Jackson production; however, the message of empowered mastery and global transformation is the same.

To use the Great Invocation as a personal and global invocation to transformation, watch the video and then put yourself in the picture. Empower yourself with light and then spread that willful light into the world. Be careful, however. The goal here is not more death and destruction. The goal is compassionate transformation and regeneration. Use this invocation willfully, but with love in your mind and heart.

The Great Invocation

by Michael Sharp

Triumph of Spirit Archetype System (TOSAS)

The commentary provided in this article is based on information provided in my Triumph of Spirit Archetype System. The archetype system consists of a set of archetypes cards, along with books and resources that explain the system.

For more information on the archetype system, visit the Lightning Path Activation page or the Triumph of Spirit Archetype System (TOSAS) site.

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