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I organize my books into four basic categories, foundational, intermediate, advanced, and kids. Foundational books provide you a solid foundation for rapid spiritual advance. Intermediate books help you reprogram your thinking to enable stronger, more assured connection. Advance books fill you in on all the juicy details of our awesome spiritual/creative existence. Kids books are designed to give kids important developmental messages.

Almost all my books are available as a free PDF, but I have a family to support, so I encourage you to buy the eBook or print version as available. Those that aren’t available for free (i.e. those that say “student only”) are books I’m currently working on. They will eventually be made available for free, but until I’m done, please allow me to control access. If you want access to student-only content, visit and subscribe. When you are logged into your student account there, links are unlocked and additional content becomes available here.

I recommend you start at the beginning, with the foundations, no matter how advanced you think are. In my books, I introduce a lot of new spiritual concepts, and a revise a lot of old ones. If you don’t start at the beginning, you’ll be lost in the intermediate, and drowning in advanced.

What the readers say about
Michael Sharp books

I found a picture that talked about how the Lightning Path changed their life on Pinterest and searched it out on the net. I immediately devoured the first book and have started the second. It truly is the most simple and precise language I have ever encountered in all of my experience with spirituality. So thank you…

Nicholas Freedman

Olympic Medalist

I was just going to tell you that I have entered into a state of pure peace and bliss. I am in direct contact with my guides and remember now why I am here. If it were not for the pure truth that you provided it would have taken me many more years to push past the fear that I encountered… If had only followed your path and not been dragging [rocks] around with me, [spiritual awakening] would have been so quick.

Crystal Freeman

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