Cosmology and Theology

Books on this page are focussed on teaching Lightning Path cosmology and theology. The Song of Creation is a creation story that speaks to a collective purpose quite different than you find in Old Energy stories. The four-volume Book of Light series (unfinished) speaks directly to the nature of God and the emanation of physical creation. It’s a modern iteration and extension of cabbalistic teachings, a four-volume Sephir Yetzirah if you like, that starts with Kether and demonstrates how the universe emanates from the powerful Consciousness of God.

Note, the Book of Light is currently unfinished, but volume one and two are in good enough shape to share. I believe I am on track to complete the collection by the end of 2020.

The Song of Creation

Start your reprogramming with the Song of Creation. The Song is a new creation story that encourages unity and empowerment rather than division, violence, exclusion, and war. A must-read for anybody wishing to move out of the old energies and into the new.

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