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What does it mean to be human? What is the nature of human spirituality? What is authentic spirituality? What is enlightenment? What is connection? How do you live a spiritual life? How do you know you are following an authentic spiritual path. These are just some of the questions addressed in Michael’s Lightning Path Workbooks. From Lightning Path Workbook One: Introduction to Authentic Spirituality and beyond, all the answers to all the spiritual questions you have, and many that you still are not yet aware you have, are provided in one easy and accessible place.

Currently, Lightning Path Workbooks One through Three are available for free download, distribution, and use below. More advanced LP workbooks are still “under construction” and available only to Lightning Path students. To learn more about the Lightning Path, visit


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Lightning Path Workbook One: Introduction to Authentic Spirituality

Lightning Path Workbook One - Introduction to Authentic Spirituality is your doorway to authentic spirituality and authentic spiritual progress. In this book learn about the nature of enlightenment (spiritual awakening), the methods for initiation of spiritual awakening, and something of the traps, pitfalls, and challenges that you may face on the journey ahead.

This book gives you the concepts and ideas that you need in order to get moving in the right direction Don’t waste time on substandard, dated, or ideologically rooted spirituality, because there is no time to waste. Take the first step on the journey back home. Take your first step on the Lightning Path.

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Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Key Concepts
  • Study Questions
  • What is Enlightenment?
  • Initiating the Process and Dealing with the Challenges
  • Lubricating the Gears of Spiritual Awakening
  • The Importance of Staying Positive
  • The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth
  • Conclusion
  • About the Author
  • About the Lightning Path
  • References

Lightning Path Workbook Two: Introduction to the Lightning Path

Lightning Path Book Two– Introduction to the Lightning Path is a series of “lessons” outlining the origins, purpose, nature, scope, principles, and ethics of the Lightning Path. In this book you learn what the LP is about, how it fits within the general spiritual and scientific frames of this planet, what its origins are, what are some problems that have been encountered in its development, the principles upon which it is based, and so on. In this book you also learn how to approach a formal spiritual study and how to make the most of your time on the Lightning Path.

If you are wondering what the Lightning Path is all about, or if you are interested in pursuing spiritual awakening, activation, and ascension, then this is the place to start. LP Book one anticipates and answers many, if not all, of the questions that may arise as you step on to The Lightning Path.

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Table of Contents
  • The Lightning Path in a Nutshell
  • Doubt, Disbelief, and Disappointment
  • Reconnecting with The Fabric
  • Origins
  • Some Challenges
  • LP Principles
  • References

Lightning Path Workbook Three: The Basics

Lightning Path Workbook Three – The Basics is the third in the powerful Lightning Path series of spiritual workbooks. In this book learn what you need to do to a) get yourself pointed in the right direction and b) moving forward on the Lightning Path of Awakening, Activation, and Ascension. Subjects covered include alignment, the importance of ideas and intent, the spiritual stages of realization, the importance of boundaries, the power of visualization, the necessity of deep breathing, and so on. LP Workbook Three is a critical foundation in the temple of life everlasting.

The world is changing faster everyday. Don't get left behind in a world of increasing confusion and desperation. Do what it takes. Read Book Three today.

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Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • One Foundation Stone: Alignment
  • Two Steps Towards Spiritual Awakening: Ideas and Intent
  • Three Steps on the Ladder: Awakening, Activation, Ascension
  • The Importance of Breathing
  • Staying the Course
  • Boundaries Redux
  • Visualization Magic
  • Additional Obstacles
  • Conclusion

Lightning Path Workbook Four: Archetypal Study

Archetypes are the "big ideas" in your brain that answer the "big questions" of your life. The truth is, your brain is filled with archetypes and ideas that provide ready made answers to all the big questions of life. However, since birth you have been fed erroneous and deceptive archetypes that demean, diminish, and spiritually enslave you. You are not evolving ape. You are not a fallen soul. You are not a karmic trainee. This is not a cosmic schoolhouse. The truth is you are incarnated divine Consciousness and Light.

On the LP, archetypal study is conducted primarily via the Triumph of Spirit Archetype System (TOSAS). The TOSAS system consists of a deck of archetype cards, and three TOSAS books. LP Workbook four is the LP Student "key" to understanding and working with the TOSAS system.

For more on the TOSAS, visit this link.

Currently available only to LP students

Table of Contents

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