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Greetings there. My name is Dr. Michael Sharp and I am a scientist and spiritual author. My goal is to help raise your consciousness, and the consciousness of this planet, by providing high quality information and guidance. In a nutshell, the information and guidance I provide is designed to help you create conditions (I say create Right Environment, Right Thought, and Right Action) conducive to the expansion of consciousness not only in your self, but in all those around you that you love. Put another way, my goal is to help connect you to the powerful light and divinity inside you.

I began my career as a spiritual writer and mystic in 2001 after a series of powerful mystical experiences “broke open my head” and gave me a much stronger connection to Consciousness. Since then I have been diligently writing and rewriting books and curriculum so as to create a powerful system of awakening, activation, and ascension. I call my system of spiritual awakening, activation, and ascension The Lightning Path.  You can learn more about the Lightning Path, and follow its formal curriculum, by visiting the LP site.

If you want, you can browse Lightning Path books on this site. Here, the LP books are organized by general category. Currently there are six categories, including ascension books, TOSAS books, Cosmology, Lightning Path workbooks, Rocket Science books , and books for kids. Most books are available for free. Eventually, all my books will be available freely. Those that are not currently are still “in process,” meaning I’m still working on finalizing their content. These draft books are currently available to LP students. To become a student, simply register on the LP site. To access student only books and resource here or on the LP site, simply login with your LP username and password.


What the readers say

I was just going to tell you that I have entered into a state of pure peace and bliss. I am in direct contact with my guides and remember now why I am here. If it were not for the pure truth that you provided it would have taken me many more years to push past the fear that I encountered… If had only followed your path and not been dragging [rocks] around with me, [spiritual awakening] would have been so quick.

Crystal Freeman

I found a picture that talked about how the Lightning Path changed their life on Pinterest and searched it out on the net. I immediately devoured the first book and have started the second. It truly is the most simple and precise language I have ever encountered in all of my experience with spirituality. So thank you…

Nicholas Freedman

Olympic Medalist

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