Thin disguises
Earth surprises
Pressing vises
Dark arises.

Hatred brewing
Pain accruing
All God’s doing.

Childish flashes.
Ego crashes
Violent clashes
Deluged masses.

Chronic sinning
Evil winning?
Satan grinning?
Your head spinning?

Eyesight blurry?
Not to worry!
Christ descends
In fucking hurry.

Spreads throughout land
Takes you by hand
Shows the P’ Land.
Reveals Grand Plan.

Up to you though.
Will you choose grow?
Will your heart glow?
Will your mind flow?

Will you take stand?
Will you withstand?
Will you enter

Will you?
Won’t you?
Will Soul shine True?


When you
Break through!

The Great Awakening

Getting you started on the
right path back home

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