As above in consciousness, so below in matter

Rise Up

An earthquake is coming, as the people rise up.
As we all embrace love, as we drink from the Cup.
It won’t be debacle, we won’t all blow up.
But an earthquake is coming, now it’s time to wake up.

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I wish I could write something a little more uplifting and joyful. But when you look at the world, you just want to say, no more.

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Rock and Roll Jesus Part One: Anti-authoritarian, political emancipator, and revolutionary liberator

For sociologists, Jesus Christ and the associated Catholic Church are generally seen are regressive, conservative, and authoritarian. While the Church may certainly be all these things, Jesus Christ was, arguably, not. Detailed exegesis of Christian gospels reveals not a passive shepherd of sheeple, but a mission oriented revolutionary that is neither conservative, gentle, nor passive. In the bible, Jesus is an impassioned and committed revolutionary set on progressive social change and fundamental revision of elite power structures.

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First Born

I see you there, in your high places. I see you there, sitting on throne I see you as you erase all the traces I see you as you toss dog a bone. I see you in election of Trump sir. And in attempt to turn France back, monsieur. In the rejection of all that is science,...

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The Great Awakening

Gets you started on the
right path back home

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