As above in consciousness, so below in matter

The Trouble with Atheists

Atheists reject human spirituality outright, believing that we are nothing more than the cells of our physical body. But atheists reject human spirituality based on limited knowledge and perspective, specifically the rejection of “Church God” and the elite ecclesiastical institutions which propagate it. But there is more to human spirituality than the institutionalized elite esoteric/exoteric spirituality of western religious institutions. Atheist or not, this “something more” is something worth looking at.

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One screen to rule them

One screen to rule them, one screen to find them, one screen to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. In the land of Mordor where the shadow lies.

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What to do if your spouse is an empath

The truth is, we need empaths to heal the planet. The problem is, the current planetary situation is highly toxic to empaths. Empaths are vulnerable to conscious, unconscious, or “accidental” assault, from friends, family, coworkers, and (increasingly) total strangers and can easily be overwhelmed or even destroyed by the toxicity. However, it is not without hope. If you are the spouse, sibling, or friend of an empath there are things you need to know, and things you need to do, to help.

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The Final Seal

Everyone once in a while I look at all the poverty and violence in the world and I feel disgust that such a brilliant and promising species could do such a horrible job of looking after itself. Then I realize, this is only a short phase (a few thousand years is a blink of the cosmic eye), and we’re already starting to transition out of it. So here is smack upside the head and the (fading) hope that we will all make it through.

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You know, I think most people can see what’s happening in the world around them. The problem is, they are all so desensitized, indoctrinated , and damaged that they just can’t make a connection. That can change in an instant however because all they have to do is wake up!

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The Great Awakening

Gets you started on the
right path back home

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