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Michael Sharp | As above in Consciousness, So Below in Matter

Welcome Home!

By now it should be obvious to everyone with eyes to see that the only thing that is going to save humanity from economic and ecological collapse is a rapid and global spiritual awakening, a “fast path” back home if you will.

The teachings of Michael Sharp are designed to provide this “fast path” or Lightning Path. The Lightning Path is school of spiritual enlightenment designed to “bring you up to speed” as quickly and as safely as possible. By following the Lightning Path you will quickly and effectively heal and enlighten so you can empower and reconnect with your powerful spiritual Self.

If you are interested, start with the beginner Lightning Path Workbooks, which are available freely on the LP’s introductory site. If you like what you see, come back here for intermediate and advanced work. The time for celebratory rejoicing is near, but until, until we all, can recognize and claim our power, divinity, and glory, there is still much work to be done.

Get started on the Lightning Path back home

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