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Stories that Teach

Parable of the Blindfold

Why does the world appear to be so bat-f$%&* crazy? It’s because we are all walking around with a blindfold on. Because we are blindfolded, we can’t see who we are or where we are going. We’ve been bumping into each other for thousands of years and we are frustrated, tired, and angry. Instead of bumping each other around, take the blindfold off.

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Parable of the Room

Why are you feeling so anxious? Why are some people starting to go crazy? Why is somebody like Trump ascending? The shift is underway! Some people embrace it, some people can’t handle it, and some will do anything they can to prevent it.

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Thank you for the “Parable of the Garden”. I couldn’t stop weeping as I read it… MN

What an amazing parable about what is currently happening today. In a society so concerned with materiality, success fame and notoriety we sometimes forget that all we need is already inside of us. God bless all the Michael Sharps of the world today. A New Earth is awakening, global consciousness is no longer a far fetched dream….it is reality….the real question lies in where your place in this Shift is


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