knock knock knock, the old world is now over.
knock knock knock, the new kids have come out.
knock knock knock, they have suddenly freed us,
don’t look up, this is no time to pout.

knock knock knock, the old game is now over.
knock knock knock, so please open your eyes.
knock knock knock, it is LOVE that’s inside you.
don’t look now, LOVE is deep in your eyes.

knock knock knock, but I see you’re not listening.
knock knock knock, as you sit in that chair.
knock knock knock, as your eyes glaze wide over,
oh good lord I can hear you breathe air.

so pow pow, now I will have to smack you.
pow pow pow, not with hands, nor with fists.
pow pow pow, but with energy ball here.
which I’ve formed between mine two small wrists.

and pow pow, feel the jab in your forehead?
pow pow pow, feel the energy run?
pow pow pow, did you think it was funny?
poor dear child, now it’s too late to run!

pow pow pow, because this is deep magic,
pow pow pow, of a kind before time.
pow pow pow, and here’s what is so tragic.
think you now past this silly old rhyme.

pow pow pow, feel the flow in the crown space,
pow pow pow, and the tug in the heart.
pow pow pow, and the loss of that false face,
As the energy forms a sharp dart?

pow pow pow, I can see that you’re gasping,
pow pow pow, as you struggle for air.
pow pow pow, but at least now you’re listening.
though you gasp and in panic you stare.

so tap tap, child please calm down and listen,
tap tap tap, past the din in your ears.
tap tap tap, past the blood as it glistens,
from the wound you sustained from their spear.

tsk tsk tsk, dear our patience is long gone.
tsk tsk child, you have tired us out.
tsk tsk tsk, from that sin that you did spawn,
but remember God never does count.

ploop plop plop now you’re past fiery judgment,
ploop plop ploop, floating deep in this rhyme.
ploop plop pow, and we want you to listen,
ploop de plop as we cleanse now your mind.

pleep plop hey, it is time to move forward,
diddly dee, the old world is a flea.
diddly dum, will you now lunge straight shoreward,
now that we have shown you the great key?

hidey ho, know that truth is within you,
hidey hi, now it’s your time to choose.
hidey hey, forget all that you once knew,
if you snooze now you surely will lose.

now dear one stand against your confusion.
and please recognize hatred and fear.
and put behind you all lies and illusion.
for in truth now you are very near.

know the time for your sleeping is over.
and your time to walk through fear is now.
it is time that you stand and face judgment,
for the trumpet inside you sounds Tao.

so you flew past your demons to touch sky,
and you walked through your terror my dear.
past you through your own judgment, so this time,
you face me as grin I ear to ear.

and say welcome you home, this is your time,
as I lay down my sword over there.
it’s the one that I picked up before rhyme,
it’s the one that I dare not forbear

but with smile on my lips I can say dear,
welcome home, you have found light today.
tap you lightly and whisper in your ear,
this is surely the time and The Way.

but I’ll tell you this now, you sure scared us,
as we watched as you flayed through the day.
and for moments we thought you’d not hear us,
and your life would slip surely away.

but now please enter into the warmth here,
come inside, for you don’t want to stay.
as the old earth dies now let’s be quite clear.
‘fore it’s gone, insane chaos portray.

and for those who remain on the outside?
well what more can I say, when it’s time.
they will shout and reach out and try help them out.
before end time sinks ship and ends rhyme.

The Great Awakening

Getting you started on the
right path back home

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