I am always in control of the life I choose to live.
I have always made the choices that even now I might misgive.
I have trimmed the sails and set the course that’s led me to this place.
But I look up now and see the race has led me to disgrace.

I begin to see my life as filled with anguish/pain/abuse.
I feel my heart is filled with anger, hate, and lame excuse.
I have hurt others by my actions, or by fearful, angry lies.
I have turned away from truth and watched a billion children cry.

But now I see the end, there is a rising of my soul.
No longer do I wish to travel road of heavy toll.
No longer accept silence that has burned my inner child.
Shall choose forever more to put aside this thin disguise.

And I call upon the Lord above,
And angels by my side.
Christ/Krishna, and the Buddha too,
Heal me now, stand by my side.

As I take ten thousand years of pain
And shove it off my chest.
As I reject a life of cruel disdain,
And beat my angry breast.

No more I succumb to silence.
No more welcome shit abuse.
No more fill my heart with anger,
No more pass off lame excuse.

I will stand for what is right and true,
I say it now so God is sure.
Heal my body, free my soul,
A life of truth’s the only cure.


Michael Sharp

The Great Awakening

Getting you started on the
right path back home

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